4 Moving Day Chores You Don’t Have to Complete With Above and Beyond Moving

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Machaela Casey
older business man moving boxes in office

A complete moving service is like an upgrade to Business Class on an airplane. You suddenly receive loads of perks that make life so much easier. In fact, full service moving companies will lay down the red carpet and take the stress out of your relocation. Here are four chores that you won’t have to complete when you enlist their services.

1. Disassembling Your Furniture

Trying to disassemble an old table or chair is a lot harder than you think. Do it wrong, and you could place too much stress on your lower back, which is just asking for trouble. What about that sofa in the lounge? It might take two or three people to dismantle it.

Save time and let someone else do all the hard work for you with a complete moving service. What is full service moving? It’s when a removal company manages all aspects of your relocation, including disassembling your furniture and transporting it your new location. Full service moving companies can even assemble your furniture again on the other end.

2. Packing

Packing your items when you move home can take hours, days, even weeks. There’s all that stuff that you probably forgot about — and that’s before you even enter your basement.

Above and beyond movers will pack your items for you safely in the right moving materials. This way, they won’t break or damage during the transportation process, and you can concentrate on other things.

3. Unpacking

Not everyone is aware that above and beyond movers will unpack items, too. In fact, full service moving service employees will carefully unload your items when they arrive at your destination and place them in the right rooms. This could save you hours of labor.

Not every moving company offers this full moving service, but the ones that do will optimize the relocation process. These companies can even provide full service moving storage, where you can store your belongings if your move has been delayed.

4. Getting Rid of Packing Materials

Packing materials can be a nuisance. What do you do with all those moving boxes and containers after you relocate? You could take a trip to your nearest recycling center, but this could be miles away.

Full service moving and storage companies will dispose of any packing materials that you longer need, including plastic wrap and moving blankets. Not only does this free up space in your home, but it will save you a considerable amount of time.