All About Freight Forwarding

Written By

Machaela Casey

What is a freight forwarder? How do you know if you need one? Well, freight forwarding is generally used for international shipments. It uses shipping via airplane, boats and freighters, railways, and roadways to get goods where they need to go. Freight forwarding is usually a third-party intermediary that goes between the shipper and all the transportation services used along the way to get the goods to where they are going. These businesses are experts at getting your items where they need to go efficiently, and cost-effectively.

But, freight forwarders do much more than just get things from point A to point B. They also deal with:

  • Documentation for international imports/exports
  • Getting your items through customs
  • Managing proper insurance for your shipment
  • Storage if necessary
  • Packing assistance

Why do people use an international freight forwarding service? Well, they are the experts. They know exactly what type of paperwork is required for international shipments to different countries, and some may be able to expedite the customs process. They have the connections to make your shipments arrive on time, in perfect condition, at a reasonable cost. If you try to arrange all of these logistics on your own, it will likely cost you a lot more and perhaps take more time.

So, freight forward service providers are not exactly doing the shipping themselves. They are simply experts on international logistics who help make things move smoothly around the world with their networks of connections and useful knowledge on the topic.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to freight forwarding:

  • Freight forward services are not required for international imports and exports. However, they are popular due to their cost and time-saving results.
  • Service tax on freight forwarders varies from country to country.
  • Commercial freight forwarders mainly work with businesses, but there are also residential freight forwarders.
  • Make sure the service you hire has sufficient tracking options available.

With all of that in mind, you now know whether or not you need freight forwarding services. If the answer is yes, we have all the resources you need to get your international shipments where they need to be. We can provide freight forwarding services as part of an international relocation plan or on its own as a standalone service. Our networks are vast and we have the years of experience you need.

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