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Moving Carriers Vs. Brokers


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There are two types of moving service providers: moving carriers and moving brokers. A moving broker is a company that has solid partnerships with other companies who actually perform the moving services. They hook you up with your local vendors who will be perfect for the job. A broker will usually get quotes from multiple options and choose the one that is the most affordable, so it could save you a few dollars.

A moving carrier is a provider of services that has their own trucks, teams of movers, and does everything themselves. These moving experts know they can deliver exactly what they say, since everything is done in-house. With carriers, you have to do your own research and likely will need to get quotes from multiple different companies to find the best deal.


Some brokers have more offerings than carriers, especially if a carrier is a smaller or local company. They have partnerships to easily add on services to your move without much thought. However, if you go with a carrier that is well-established and larger, you can likely experience the same benefits of service.

There are some complaints about brokers. Some people have had negative experiences where the movers that come on moving day give an invoice for a higher price than the one that was quoted by the broker. That’s why you should always get a written estimate from a broker that is binding and go with a reputable, licensed company. That way you’ll avoid any hiccups in the process.

Additionally, some people appreciate working with carriers because each person that is on the job is a representative of the company, and there is a clear chain of communication and responsibility. In either case, as long as you go with a company that has positive moving carrier or moving brokers reviews, you’ll likely have a smooth moving experience.


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