Benefits Of Small Moving Companies

Written By

Machaela Casey

The term small moving company doesn’t necessarily refer to the size of the company. It more refers to the size of the moves performed by the company. Some moving businesses focus on larger or corporate moves, while others are experts at small moves and apartment moving. Some have the capacity to do both. No matter what size your move, we can handle it.

The Best Small Moving Companies

A good moving company for small moves will be able to perform both short and long distance moves. So, they should be able to cover you whether you are moving across town or across the country. Some may even be able to help with international moves.

Local small moving companies have the logistics in place that allow your move to arrive in a timely manner. They have networks to help you save money by sharing space on trucks going in the same direction. If you need an expedited shipment, there is also the option to go with a less than full truckload to prioritize speed over cost.

Small moving companies near me also have everything needed to complete the move successfully. They can provide moving supplies like boxes and packing materials, trucks and vans appropriately sized for your move, professional moving teams and drivers, in addition to secure storage spaces and other services to make sure your move is a success.

Who Needs Moving Companies For Small Moves

A small move can be for anything up to a 2 bedroom house. Most moving companies consider it to be anything less than 3000-3500 pounds. If you live in a college dorm, an apartment, a condo, or a small house, then you can benefit from small moving company services. Additionally, if you are just needing a large item like a piece of furniture shipped to a new destination, that could also fall into this category. They are also often perfect for people moving items into our out of a storage space.

Even corporate moves can fall into this category. In large cities, many employees live in smaller dwellings like apartments and condos. When they move cities or apartments, they need a small moving company to get them started in a new location with minimal downtime from the job.

Whether you’re moving a few items back home or starting over in a whole new city, your small move is our business. Let us help you have a smooth experience from packing to unpacking. You can also choose our services on an a la carte basis based on what you need. Contact us to find out more about how we can help with a small move.