COVID Update and Thank You!

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Machaela Casey
group of drivers in front of a Nelson Westerberg Truck

In an effort to maintain full transparency and increased connectivity with our clients despite the broad challenges experienced globally during these unchartered times, we would like to share some positive news and updates to keep you fully informed and aware of everything we are doing to stay on top of the current changes.

COVID-19 has required every business to change their practices and procedures to ensure the safety of their employees, families, and customers.

For a company like ours, providing corporate global moving and storage services, it means that we’ve implemented and continue to enhance industry leading safety protocols, explained in our previous video.

We recognize that even in challenging times, talent deployment continues to be essential to company mobility goals and strategies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, be assured that Nelson Westerberg continues to strictly enforce and enhance our communication and PPE Policy & Protocols to achieve 100% compliance.

A Big Thank You!

To all of our Professional Van Operators, crews, and all of our employees that have done an outstanding job in following our increasingly rigorous health, safety, and moving requirements. Always going above and beyond for our customers, our team continues to step up to meet and exceed heightened expectations of the clients we serve.

While the pandemic is not yet past us, we are striving to continuously address and improve on COVID 19 Protocols, to which the welfare of our customers, employees, drivers and crew remains paramount. We cannot be more proud of the way our nationwide team has come together to ensure the highest standard for our clients – now as before.

“We feel the deepest gratitude for our Nelson Westerberg Professional Van Operators and their unwavering commitment to quality, safety and security. Vital now more than ever, the relocating employee experience and earned trust is at the core of our customer service communication and operational support.” –

Greg Koehlinger, Executive Vice President

For you as our client, we want you to rest assured that our employees here at Nelson Westerberg are working in full support of our Professional Van Operators with the aligned intention to achieve the goals of each and every customer.