Everything You Wanted to Know About Interstate Movers But Were Too Afraid To Ask

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Machaela Casey
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Search “Interstate moving companies near me” on Google, and you’ll generate hundreds of results. There’s a lot of contrasting information out there, though, which can make your relocation more difficult than it really is. Forget everything you’ve been told. Here’s a quick primer to interstate movers — and everything you need to know.

What is an Intestate Move?

Interstate moves are, quite simply, moves from one state to another. Maine to Maryland, New York to New Jersey, Alaska to Alabama, you name it. Unlike local moves, interstate moving is a little bit more difficult because of the different paperwork you need when crossing the border (or several borders). Using one of the best interstate moving and storage companies, however, will help you adhere to the laws and regulations in your host and destination states and ensure a smooth move.

So, How Much Will It Cost You?

The average cost of an interstate move totals around $4,300, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. This price is based on an average distance of 1,225 miles and an average weight of 7,400 pounds.

This is just an average, of course, and there are a number of different interstate moving options you need to take into account. These include:

Storage costs

If you need to keep your belongings in storage because your move has been delayed, expect to pay more.


The cost of insuring your items during pick-up, drop-off, and transportation.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Some companies will charge you extra to pack your belongings and unpack them at your chosen destination.

How to Find an Interstate Moving Company

Sure, you could move to another state yourself, but this can be seriously stressful. Using interstate movers, however, will provide you with a seamless experience so you can focus on all the other things associated with your big move.

Choosing the best interstate moving company can be tough, though. You need to pick interstate movers that have the experience you need and an excellent reputation. Customer service is really important, too. You want a company that provides you with the highest levels of service, from pick-up through to drop-off.

Understanding the procedures involved in an interstate move, how much it costs, and choosing the best rated interstate moving company will ensure you have a stress-free experience. Follow the tips above when it’s time to relocate to another state.