Global Mobility Solutions Defined

Written By

Machaela Casey

Global businesses need global solutions for relocation. That’s why we provide global mobility solutions. But many wonder what that means. Keep reading to find out.

Country-Specific Global Mobility

Our international mobility solutions are tailored to the country of origin and the destination country. We help our clients manage every aspect of an international move including immigration documentation, maintaining compliance with international regulations, and providing important information about the new country to the client.

Budget-Savvy American International Relocation Solutions

When preparing an international move on your own, it may seem like the costs never end. However, with our experience on your side, you may end up saving money by avoiding costly mistakes in the international moving process. Additionally, we work with you to find a mobility package that works for your budget.

Global Relocation Concierge Service

As part of our service, we offer the benefit of one contact person who acts as a moving concierge. You won’t have to call the mortgage broker, the real estate agent, the new school district, and the business bureau. We can take care of all of that for you, on an international basis. Each package can be customized, as some of our clients would like to have a more hands-on approach to their move.

Why Outsource Mobility Services?

With outsourcing, your employees and teams can focus on what it is that they do best, even throughout the moving process. Knowing that someone is handling every aspect of a move including selling a home, dealing with international immigration regulations and paperwork, and finding a new home in a totally different country, will allow any employee relocating internationally to stay at their desk with their head in the game on either end of the move.

Access to Our International Network of Partners

We work with a network of world-class vendors and technology partners across the globe. By using us for global solutions, you will also have access to these resources which make a move seamless and stress-free. Additionally, our in-house team members have, on average, 15 years of experience in the international relocation industry, and they have the knowledge to make your move a success.

Certifiably Great Global Movers

Our teams have several certifications that show our commitment to global solutions. We are a certified member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. That means we work with customs and border control to make our supply chain as secure as possible and always follow best practice as recommended by CBP. This certification leads to expedited customs clearance of our clients’ household items, as benefits of participating in this program include fewer CBP examinations and shorter wait times at the border.

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