How to Reduce Moving Day Stress

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Machaela Casey
A personal planner with writing on it

Get Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Preparing for a move is a huge undertaking, one that takes months of planning. Even if you follow a timeline, moving day may be stressful. There are a million things to remember to do. You have final goodbyes and new hellos. It’s a whirlwind.

Family packing moving boxes into car

To avoid getting overwhelmed, take the time to get organized before you move out. You’ll be better equipped to take ownership in your new space. And, you’ll be more likely to maintain your sanity.

Prepare Your Beds

The day before you move, take all of your beds apart. As you disassemble each bed, take all nuts, screws, and bolts and place them in a Ziplock bag. Tape the bag to the headboard so you don’t lose anything.

Next, wash and dry one set of sheets for each bed. Pack the clean sheets in your arrival box (see below).

Pack Three Boxes to Carry with You

Carry in your personal vehicle three separate boxes packed with items you will need on move-in day. We suggest packing an arrival box, an essentials box, and a cleaning supply box.

We also recommend using a laundry basket or a suitcase to hold these items. Choose something with handles. Make good use of items that you already have (so you don’t just have to pack those, too). When you arrive at your new home, bring these three items inside first. Place them on your kitchen counter so they are centrally located for easy access.

What to Pack in the Arrival Box

The arrival box contains what you’ll need to get started unpacking right. Include in this box:

-A simple tool kit

-Clean bedding for each bed in your house


-Coffee maker, filters, and coffee

What to Do with the Arrival Box

Get out your tool kit. Start putting your beds together. Then, take out that clean bedding from the box and make all of your beds. Put pajamas under all pillows. After a long day of moving, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to prepare your beds.

Next, take that coffee maker down to the kitchen and fire it up. Everything works better after a cup of coffee. With your coffee maker easy to find, fueling up is a breeze.

What to Pack in the Cleaning Supplies Box

The second box should contain basic cleaning supplies and paper products. Include:

-Cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom

-Paper towels and toilet paper

-Kitchen towels

-Toothpaste and toothbrushes

-Favorite toiletries and some clean towels

-Shower curtains and curtain liners for all bathrooms

-Hand soap for all bathrooms

What To Do with the Cleaning Supplies Box

After making your beds, get started cleaning the bathrooms. Next, stock each bathroom with the necessities: shower curtains, clean towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. Get your toothbrushes and toothpaste in the cabinets, too.

Then, move on to the kitchen, cleaning all counters and appliances. Finally, stock the space with paper and kitchen towels.

What to Pack in the Essentials Box

The last box you’ll want to bring with you should be filled with items that you cannot do without. We suggest packing:

-Important family documents

-Moving contract

-Chargers for all electronics

-Special stuffed animals/comfort items for young children

-Phone numbers for utility companies

-Medication for your family (including pets)

What To Do with the Essentials Box

You don’t want these items to get lost in the chaos of moving day. Once you begin to get organized in your new home, you can finally unpack this box

Stay In Control: Have a Move-In Plan

Have your three key boxes ready, organized in your car. When you get to your new home, prioritize setting up the basics in your bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. The rest of the moving boxes can wait. If you have a tidy kitchen and a clean bathroom plus a nice clean bed to sleep in, you’re all set.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

You have enough to worry about on moving day. Trust Nelson Westerberg to transport your goods safely and efficiently to your new address. We’ll get your goods there on time and intact. You can concentrate on settling in comfortably in your new home. Contact us today for a free quote.