Master the Moving Sale With These 6 Steps 

Written By

Machaela Casey

So you’ve found the perfect new office location. You have a move-in date. You’re good to go. Before you start packing up your belongings, though, you might want to host a moving sale. This is a great way to make some extra cash for your move or raise funds for a good cause. Your fellow employees can help you out, too. Here’s how to master your upcoming moving sale in six simple steps.

1 Pick a Date

Choose a date for your moving sale. Saturdays and Sundays work best — when most people aren’t at work —but evening sales are a good idea in the summer, too.

2 Prepare for the Weather

The elements can make or break the success of your moving sale. Although it can be difficult to predict the weather exactly, try and hold your sale in the spring or summer months when it’s warmer. If you are planning a winter sale, you might want to book an indoor venue for your event.

3 Choose a Venue

Hosting your moving sale in the car lot outside your office is really easy and requires little planning. You will be able to attract workers from nearby businesses, too. If this isn’t possible, choose a local venue that will host your event. This might set you back a couple of hundred dollars, at least, though, so factor this cost into your budget.

4 Decide What to Sell

Old furniture, computer equipment, accessories, you name it — your moving sale is your chance to sell all the things you don’t want to bring with you to your new office location.

5 Tell the World About Your Sale

You will want as many people to know about your event as possible. Advertise your moving sale on your staff intranet pages, social media accounts, and even in the local newspaper. Remember, the more people who attend your sale, the more money you will likely make on the big day.

6 Don’t Forget the Essentials

Although a moving sale requires little in the way of planning, there are a few things you will need for your event. Don’t forget to bring paper bags or newspaper to wrap up and store your items. You will need a few long tables to display your belongings, too. Then there are price tags: Place these next to your items so people know how much everything costs.