Moving During Coronavirus…But How?

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Machaela Casey
Asian family wearing protective medical mask for prevent virus covid-19 during moving day and relocating at new home. Moving house and new real estate concept

What Should I Expect?

A lot has changed in normal everyday living since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) hit the United States and across the globe.  However, regardless of Covid-19, everyday living still includes the necessity of relocation due to many situations including work circumstances, retirement, or lifestyle changes. Regardless of the relocation situation, the uncertainty of moving during the Covid-19 pandemic can be stressful.  A common question when moving during the pandemic has been, “Are moving companies considered essential and how am I going to do this?”.  The answer is YES and we can help you plan and feel comfortable during the process.

Moving During Coronavirus

When moving with a corporate relocation, there are several steps to the move process.  Prior to the mover’s arrival to pack and load, there is a pre-move walkthrough completed to determine what and how the belongings will be moved and packed. While in-home surveys are still available and being conducted safely, virtual pre-move surveys have now become more widely utilized for this process.  Virtual surveys provide an efficient, safe, and stress-free experience to provide you with an estimate for the move.

For your safety and theirs, movers are all equipped with PPE kits that include masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.  It is a normal gesture to greet people with a hand shake; however, these contact niceties are bypassed during the pandemic to keep all parties safe. In addition, social distancing is conducted, as much as possible, during the move between the customers and the movers.

While the movers are in your home packing, it is encouraged to be in different areas of the home, in order to keep with social distancing rules.  You are more than welcome to leave the home at any time during the move; however, you will want to discuss this with your move coordinator or the crew leader on-site in order for them to be able to contact you should questions arise. While there is a new normal, moving processes have transformed providing transferees efficient and safe options.

Should I Move Now or Wait till Later?

Sometimes moving is unavoidable.  When you have to move, it’s good to know what precautions are being taken and what you should do to prepare in order to ensure everyone’s safety.  Since moving companies are considered essential, they have been working and moving since the start of the pandemic and therefore experienced and prepared to provide a stress-free and safe move.  Please note, if you have to move, make sure you are familiar with your state and moving company’s policies and follow any guidelines or protocols that are provided.

What if I’m not Feeling Well or the Crew Doesn’t Feel Well?

Transparency between all parties is key to everyone’s safety.  If your move is coming up and you suspect that you might be sick, get tested immediately.  If you do get a positive test back, call your moving company immediately, even if it is the day of your move.  They will notify the movers and ultimately discuss any applicable penalties for canceling and will subsequently reschedule your dates for when you are ready and able to move again.  For your safety, movers are also temperature checked prior to a move and if they contract Covid-19, they will be quarantined until a negative test comes back.