Moving In The Rain: How To Do It

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Machaela Casey
Happy moment family. Father and daughter relax in living room holding the white umbrella. Just moving new house many parcel box on the floor.

You might think that a rainy or even a snowy day would put a wrench in your moving plans. However, a wet day doesn’t have to mean disaster for your move.

Do Moving Companies Work In The Rain?


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Yes! Moving companies work in the rain and even snow. Professionals know how to do their job in inclement weather. However, if the weather is very extreme, they may reschedule your move. For example, if schools are closed and roads are not passable, it’s likely your move will get rescheduled. However, for a normal rainstorm, there is nothing to worry about.

There are, however, some extra things you can do on your end to make the whole day go easier.


Cardboard boxes actually hold up in the rain better than you might think. Just make sure you use packing tape to seal the boxes completely, and your boxes will be pretty good. However, other items like art and clothing do need some special care. Wrap art and special items that don’t go into boxes with plastic. Put trash bags around clothes to make sure they stay dry. If you have extra valuable items, shrink wrap is a great investment to protect them from rain during the move. It might take some extra time but protecting your belongings is worth it.


Get to your new home before the movers and lay down towels in case any boxes are wet. That will protect your new floors. Turn up the heat to make it even more pleasant, and lay down cardboard over any surface that may become slippery when wet. Don’t forget to lay down a welcome mat so people can wipe off their feet before coming in. It doesn’t have to be your permanent option, it can just be an affordable one from a hardware store for moving day.

And of course, don’t forget to protect yourself from getting wet. Wear a rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrellas. Keep a fresh change of clothes at your new place in case your clothes get wet. That way, your boxes will stay dry and you will too!

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