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Machaela Casey
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Finding the Right Moving and Storage Company

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Some things just go together. Add moving and storage to the list. When you’re looking for help moving, you should look for moving companies that also offer storage services. The reason why is simple. When you’re moving—the odds are that you’re going to need storage along the way.

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What a Moving and Storage Company Can Do for You

Whether you’re conducting a corporate relocation or a home move, it’s highly likely that you’re going to need some type of storage and warehousing solutions. If you’re storing some boxes and furniture, you’ll probably need a storage unit. However, if you need to keep something larger safe, like a vehicle, you might need a more spacious warehouse. In either case, moving and storage companies near you will be able to secure the safe premises you need to keep your goods safe.

Storage for Your Cross Country Move

Cross country and interstate moves require a timeline with a lot of moving parts. You may be coordinating your move to align with flight times, multiple closing dates, and new job start dates. There are many instances where you might need certain parts of your shipment before others. You may find that your moving across country checklist suggests finding storage solutions.

Moving and Storage Near You for Your Home Move

There’s a lot to do for any residential move. A home moving guide is a good place to start getting organized. If you’re selling your house, you’ll want to stage it right in order to get the right price. You want to make your home as inviting as possible so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.

For most people, that means that de-cluttering your home. Rooms need to look comfortable and inviting, not overstuffed. You’ll need to move a lot of family photos and extra furniture out. A storage locker is the perfect solution.

Or, you may need storage once you arrive at your new residence. If you’re having repairs or other renovations done, you’ll need somewhere to store your stuff. You’ll want a clear space for the workers to maneuver. You won’t want any furniture, photos, or heirlooms to get damaged in the process.

Storage Companies Keep Goods Safe During a Lifestyle Change

Major life transitions may also require some storage. For example, if you’re moving a kid home from college. Yes, they’re moving back into their old bedroom. But, they have lived in a three bedroom house at college. Now you have extra furniture and boxes that need somewhere to stay until they move out for good.

Or, if you have a loved one emptying an apartment to leave on a military tour of duty. You can’t store their stuff for them, so a storage space is the perfect solution.

Moving and Storage Companies Keep Items Secure for Office Moves

Finally, if you’re moving your business to a new state, you might also need a storage space. Maybe your new office isn’t as big as the old one, and you have equipment or furniture to keep secure for the time being. Or, perhaps you are switching IT systems right after the move, but you need to hang on to your old documents in the meantime.

In any case, storage lockers can provide an important, necessary service for many people who are moving.

Container Moves and Storage Space Is Good for your Small Moves

Sometimes, you may only need to store a few items. For example, you may order furniture for a new home or office that can’t be delivered until you move in. In that case, you may want to organize a specific type of move. By definition, small shipments are any shipments under 5,000 pounds. Using container moves for small moves to go into storage is often the right solution if you have a light load to keep safe.

Types of Storage: Short-Term and Long-Term

Your particular storage solution depends not just on what you need to store, but how long you need to store it. First, understand how long your shipment will need to be kept secure. Most rentals require a one-month minimum rental period. Short-term storage usually refers to a period of three months or less. Many people use this type of storage if they are moving or renovating a house.

Long-term storage usually refers to any time period beyond three months. Many people who use this type of storage are using it for one of two reasons. First, they know they have a dedicated amount of time that they will not be able to move the items inside. For example, if they know they will be out of the country for an extended amount of time.

People also choose long-term rental for sentimental reasons. Sometimes, people have antique furniture or other heirloom items that they can’t store in their current home but can’t bear to part with, either.

Specialty Warehousing: Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Depending on what items you’re storing, you may need a climate-controlled storage unit. For example, if you’re storing paper, cloth, or wood items, you’ll want to guard against mildew. In addition, household appliances, electronics, and instruments will need to be stored at a certain temperature to protect against rust. Climate-controlled storage units offer both heat and air conditioning to ensure that your cargo is kept at optimal temperatures.

Tips On How to Arrange Storage for Your Move

The good news is that if you hire a storage and moving company, they’ll organize the details for you. They’ll pick up your shipment and deliver it to the selected facility. When the time comes, they’ll move your shipment to the new location.

Questions to Ask

Even though they will be doing the heavy lifting, there are still some questions that you should ask. First, understand if you will be using the storage facility for a short-term or long-term rental. The difference will be reflected in the conditions and in the price of your rental. Next, understand the accessibility of your unit. Know how and when you will be able to get into your unit. Many (but not all) companies offer 24/7 access.

Finally, ask about security. Know how your storage company will monitor your goods and how they plan to keep them safe. Most companies have guards that monitor the premises and occasionally check units for rodent and pest damage. And, most companies will require either a code or a key to enter the unit in addition to showing a photo ID.

What You Can’t Store

There are certain things you can’t store in your unit. For example, you can’t store any living thing in your unit-plants, animals, or people. In addition, you can’t keep anything flammable inside, like fireworks or chemicals. Finally, you are not allowed to keep food or other items that will attract bugs or rodents.

Finding the Right Moving and Storage Company

Search for movers and storage near you and you’re likely to come up with a ton of information. We can help. At Nelson Westerberg, we offer full moving and storage services for any type of move. As a trusted Atlas Van Line agent, we have regional offices throughout the United States.

Regional offices include:

-IL (Illinois and the Midwest)

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-NJ (New Jersey and the Northeast)

We offer moving and storage solutions for moves to every major U.S. cities, including Chicago, Dallas, and Houston.

Planning Storage for Your Big Move

There are so many things to plan in any move. Whether you’re relocating for work or moving cross country with pets, it can seem like you have a million things on your to-do list. If you need moving and storage service, give us a call. We can talk you through all of the services that we offer-including all of our storage and warehousing solutions. Together, we’ll make the right plan for you.