Nelson Westerberg Is A Certified Veteran Owned Business

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Machaela Casey
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We are proud to announce that Nelson Westerberg is now certified as an official veteran-owned business by the National Veteran Business Development Council. This council exists to support veteran-owned businesses, and verify them. Veterans are 45% more likely to be entrepreneurs, and this council believes that supporting these businesses helps veterans, their families, and their communities.

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John Westerberg, the owner of Nelson Westerberg, is a veteran. In order to become certified, we had to submit documentation to the government for them to verify we operate legally and effectively, in addition to being owned by a veteran. When you choose Nelson Westerberg as your relocation partner, you are supporting veterans and your country.

Why is it a good idea to support veteran-owned companies?

  1. Vets have learned amazing leadership qualities, so you know that someone trustworthy is at the helm.
  2. They have also learned incredible critical thinking and problem-solving skills through their service.
  3. Veterans are wonderful team players.
  4. Supporting veteran-owned businesses may inspire other veterans to form their own companies.
  5. It shows a patriotic appreciation for past service.

What are the benefits of certification? Veteran-owned businesses can sometimes get preferential treatment for both government and corporate contracts. Some companies have a quota; a certain percentage of their contracts must be with veteran-owned businesses. The government also has certain types of contracts that they are more likely to give to veteran-owned small businesses or service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.

In order to become verified, we had to upload the appropriate documents for government verification. This included business licenses, resumes of key personnel, tax information, payroll information, and other documents that prove that Nelson Westerberg is owned by a veteran and that our business operates legally.

Now that we are verified, you know for certain that you are supporting veterans each time you use one of our services.