Office Relocation Specialists vs. General Movers — Who Should You Choose?

Written By

Machaela Casey

Office relocation specialists and general moving companies essentially do the same thing — they move valuables from your office to another office with specialized equipment and transportation. However, office relocation specialists have much more experience and skills to facilitate this kind of move. The best ones will limit the disruption to your workforce, encourage attention to detail, and create new office environments that your employees will love.

Limit Workplace Disruption

An office relocation specialist will specialize in office moves. These professionals understand the impact a big relocation can have on your employees, so they try and limit this disruption in a number of different ways.

Firstly, office furniture relocation specialists will move the least essential items from your office so employees can still carry on with their duties (if they are still working in your office at the time of your move).

Secondly, these movers will take care and attention not to disrupt your workforce during working hours. This maintains workplace productivity.

General moving companies don’t always use the same techniques.

Encourage Attention to Detail

Big moving companies don’t always take into account the small details associated with successful office relocations. For example, when they arrive at your new office, good office relocation movers will remember the position of a plant in your old office and place it in a similar location.

A commercial relocation specialist will also coordinate and communicate with members of your team to customize a move based on the needs of your organization. If you are downsizing, for example, these professionals can place unneeded items in a safe, secure storage space.

Create New Office Environments

A great office relation specialist will pick up your belongings, pack them safely and unpack them at your new location. Then, they will create new office environments that will benefit your employees. With your permission, they might place filing cabinets in an accessible place at your new office, for example. They can also suggest the right places to keep furniture and computer equipment.

Office relocation specialists are a better choice than general moving companies because they have years of experience and know just what it takes to complete a successful office relocation project. No job is too big or too small for these professionals, and they can ensure the smooth transition of workers as you relocate offices.