Partnering With the Right Global Household Goods Partner for Exceptional Expertise

Written By

Machaela Casey

Now more than ever, finding the right partner with exceptional expertise in global transportation is the key to enhancing employee experience within the global mobility space.

Global Mobility has changed significantly in the past 6 months. Whether it be a temporary assignment, permanent transfer, localization or repatriation, all come with substantial challenges as a result of not only COVID19 related travel restrictions and issues, but changes to immigration laws worldwide.

Working with the right international household goods company can ease stress and anxiety for relocating employees.

Here are some tips for finding the right transportation partner for your global mobility program:

Don’t Be Tied To ‘Dots on the Map’

Many large carriers will have you believe their being ‘everywhere in the world’ will solve all of your global mobility issues. Multi-office locations can be a benefit to deal some issues such as time differences, but expertise is infinitely more valuable than numbers of locations. In this day and age, we are rapidly discovering that technology can be utilized to bridge the gap of geographical differences.

Experience Matters

With the complexity and ever changing environment of global transportation and immigration, it is important to have a partner able to deal with the “what if’s.” Only through years of experience can move specialists proactively mitigate potential pitfalls. Knowing what can happen is invaluable. The average international coordinator at a large international transportation service provider will turnover every 2-3 years, which does not allow enough time to navigate the scope of global relocation. Our global move specialists average 16 years’ experience in the international household goods industry. They have seen and experienced a lot of situations, which provides them with expertise only experience can teach.

Adding Value

Beyond just moving an employee from one country to the next, a global transportation partner should be your eyes and ears on the ground, noting what works and what presents challenges in your current global mobility program/policy. This type of feedback is critical when reviewing global mobility policies. In addition, finding and creating efficiencies within the currents program which enhances the employee experience, reduces spend and adds value.

The Big Picture

Choose a partner that can see the “Big Picture.”  Moving is just one part of the global relocation process. Ideally, the transportation provider should work seamlessly with all other partners in the process, from home sale to auditing. Partners who can be agile with process and technology are well suited to integrate smoothly into the overall relocation process.


Everyone speaks to “owning it” and accountability, but there must be a willingness to stand behind these claims. Be sure your global mobility solutions partner is ready to engage in performance based metrics that constantly strive for process improvement and cost efficiencies.

Global mobility is going to become more complex, not less. Having the right partners in place can be the difference between a successful and productive employee journey and one fraught with complications and stress for both your global mobility team and the employee.