The Future Of Corporate Global Relocation

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Machaela Casey
Globe nestled among cardboard boxes

International Relocation  – Seeing Into The Future

For years, there have been lingering questions about the future of international relocation. That is, the physical placement of employees in strategic business environments globally. The ability to meet and collaborate virtually has been around for some time now. Yet, multi-national companies have still seen the advantages of having key employees physically on location.

COVID-19 has once again forced those working in global mobility to wonder what the future holds. Will companies go to a long term remote working environment? Will companies rethink their duty of care based on their experiences with trying to reposition employees during the pandemic? Will they more heavily weigh the cost benefit for global assignments?

A survey by CFO magazine found that 87% of CEO’s and CFO’s surveyed listed global expansion as part of their long term strategic planning, despite the impact of COVID-19. An encouraging indicator, especially for relocation management firms who provide services far beyond the movement of household goods and personal effects.

The Westerberg Companies work both directly with multi-national clients and some of the top Relocation Management Companies in the world.

We offer a variety of solutions that enhance efficiency, add value and maximize the employee experience. Our international moving services range from pre-move planning to packing and unpacking, and freight forwarding or specialized international moving services like our small shipment domestic program and white glove services across the globe.

The face of Corporate Global Relocation is changing. It isn’t going away. Companies with innovative and agile strategic solutions for “what’s next”, will be the leaders in the relocation industry in the coming years.

The Westerberg Companies will strive to lead the innovation necessary to serve our broad and varied client base.