The Ultimate Guide on How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving.

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Machaela Casey
Hands packing glassware in bubbletape

Imagine the scene: It’s moving day, and you’ve just arrived at your new business premises. You unpack your first box and discover the antique vase that used to sit on your CEO’s desk has smashed into a hundred pieces. It was an office heirloom — your CEO’s most valuable “valuable.” As the person who arranged your corporate move, you’ve got some explaining to do…

Don’t let this situation happen to you. Here are three tips for packing expensive, fragile items for your long distance move.

1. Create a Fragile Items List.

Creating a list of your most fragile valuables will help you identify the items that need a little care and attention. Note down items that are at risk of damage during transportation. Note down items that are at risk of damage during transportation.

These include:

  • Drinking glasses
  • Plates
  • Artwork
  • Lampshades

You can add picture frames to this list, as well. Before you find out how to pack pictures for moving, add these items to your list.

2. Don’t Overpack.

Overloading boxes and containers with glass items and other fragile valuables is a big no-no. The result? Damaged valuables that could cost thousands of dollars to replace. Not sure how to pack your belongings properly? Call in the experts. Nelson Westerberg specializes in packing and unpacking services for your long distance corporate move. This service proves you with multiple benefits. Most people don’t know how to pack picture frames for shipping, for example. Click here to find out more.

3. Use the Right Packing Materials.

Whether it’s a plastic wrap or packing tape, using the right packing materials will avoid a moving day disaster. Oh, and don’t forget to label boxes with delicate items so everyone is aware of the contents. Write “Fragile!” on the top, bottom, and sides of each box.

Talking about boxes, follow these tips, too:

  • Place super-fragile items like drinking glasses and plates at the top of moving boxes.
  • Place items like paintings at the bottom of boxes (but don’t place too much weight on top of these items).

Want to know how to pack breakables for a long distance move? Reduce moving day stress by following the three steps above. Creating a list of fragile items, packing boxes properly, and using the right packing materials will reduce breakages and irreversible damage.