What You Should Know About Moving Services From State to State

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How Interstate Moving Companies Work

What Happens When You Move to a Different State?

In 2023, despite a slight decline that last year in moves, people are still looking to move cross country. Specifically, Americans are moving for climate change and to get to better weather as main reasons.

Moving to another state comes with some challenges when compared to a local move. However, with the right moving team on your side, it’s usually pretty easy. Here are some tips to follow when you’re planning an interstate move.

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  1. Research, research, research. Moving out of state means moving to a new town or city. So, you need to do a lot of sleuthing. Are there new laws or regulations you need to know in the new state? Is this a long distance move too? If it’s a cross-country move there may even be more details to consider.
    You will also want to research details for your new life there. And find information on local schools, walkability, crime rates, commuting times, and options to find the optimal location for your next home. Do you have the right insurance to handle these changes.  It may be useful to see what your insurance covers or if you want full value protection for your move.
  2. Find the right interstate movers. When moving to a new state, it’s best to go with a national moving company who is able to service interstate moves. These businesses have the connections needed to get your shipment through the haul, no matter how long it is. When moving also out of the country, it’s best to work with someone with the out of the country moving experience, like international van lines
  3. Don’t move hazardous materials. For longer distances, some moving companies prohibit certain materials from moving trucks, so don’t pack them. These include flammable items, explosives like fireworks, corrosive chemicals, and more. Some moving companies will also decline to transport pet food and house plants.
    Additionally, they may require you to get a certain kind of insurance on your higher value items before agreeing to transport them.
  4. Set up utilities. Before your move, find out about that state’s utility providers, and set up accounts so your water and electricity will be running strong when you arrive.
  5. Change your health insurance. Most health insurance depends on where you live. So, chances are, you’ll have to get a new healthcare plan. Do some research and find one through your job or on the marketplace. You can also ask your current doctor for your health records so you’ll be prepared at your first appointment with a new one.
  6. Take care of your car. You need to change over your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Most states have a deadline that you must do this by. In some states, it is as little as 10 days after you arrive.
  7. Change your address. This is important with out-of-state moves.  It’s going to be even more a hassle to get your mail back if it is sent to your old address. Tell everyone you know about your address change, and change your address with the post office.
  8. Register to vote. You also need to re-register to vote if you want to participate in local and national electoral politics at your new home.
  9. Find out about any other registrations you need to change. You may need to locally register your pets. If you have a business, there may be some licensing or registration you need to do for that in your new location.
  10. Now that you have all the information, it’s time to set up a move to your new home. What does that entail?

State to State Moving Companies

To start with the booking process, we always recommend you read reviews and testimonials and get recommendations from friends and family members. This will allow you to find out of state moving companies that are highly regarded in your area. Of course, we recommend our own services because here at Nelson Westerberg we are proud of the excellent, communicative, and transparent service we provide.

We have been in the moving & relocation space for more than 100 years, giving us powerful partnerships, like with atlas van lines, to get you moved to your next location. We offer a la carte and custom services, like extra storage services in between moving out and your destination.  And of course we do full service moves that handle packing and unpacking and can even handle fragile only packing for your breakables. Our personalized customer service will help keep communication flowing on your moving day.

Getting Started

Once you have picked out a few moving companies, now it is time to get a couple of moving quotes for state-to-state movers. It’s important to find out as accurate as possible what your moving costs will be. With Nelson Westerberg, you can simply fill out our online form and then upload a few videos of the space you are moving from.

Our sales team will immediately follow up to help ensure you have considered every thing in mind you need.  And we’ll make sure we understand every important detail of your move up front. We care about each and every move we do, as our hundreds of great customer reviews prove.

We generate accurate quotes with our artificial intelligence-powered system. The best part is, this quote comes with no obligation. So, you can compare prices without worrying about paying or losing a deposit. With our competitive prices and excellent service, we are confident we will be among your top choice.

Looking for Out of State Movers Near Me?

When you are moving to a new state, you should search specifically for companies that specialize in interstate moving and transportation. The main difference between these companies and local ones is that they must be licensed by the US Department of Transportation. Local movers are usually only licensed for the state in which they are located. We are looking forward to helping you with moving solutions for your next out-of-state move!