2024 Winter Moving Tips for a Safe & Stress-Free Move

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Machaela Casey
A house in the mountains with snow covering the roof and front lawn, a sold sign in the foreground.

Helpful Tips for Moving in the Winter 2024

Imagine that it’s finally arrived: moving day. You’re all packed, and you’ve got your moving into a new house checklist ready. Do you picture movers pulling up to your home in the middle of a snowstorm? And you, frantically shoveling your driveway to clear a path for movers? A big rig semi truck driving on a snowy road

Nobody wants to move in these conditions, and things can get dire quickly like with the Lake Arrowhead blizzard in 2023. But, if you’re moving to or from a cold weather state in the winter, you could encounter some rough winter conditions. That’s why we’ve prepared these winter moving tips for planning a safe and stress-free move in 2024.

The Pros of a Winter Move

First, there are some positives to moving during the winter months, even in a cold weather climate. First, price. The least expensive months to move are January and February. Also, because of lower demand, you will usually have greater flexibility in booking your movers.

The Biggest Con

Hands down, the biggest drawback to a winter move is the potential for bad weather. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can all make it difficult-and unpleasant-to haul your shipment to a new location. And, if the weather makes roads un-passable, your mover may even reschedule.

Listen to the Weather Reports

The most important thing you can do to keep your move low stress is to plan ahead. For a winter move, this is especially important. Keep your eye on the weather forecast. If there’s a snowstorm coming, consider contacting the mover to reschedule. Significant snow and ice can make driving conditions dangerous. It might be worth it to postpone your move for when the roads are clear.

Pack Right for Cold Weather

Moving your shipment in the winter takes special care. Many household items may be at risk of damage during a cold weather move. For example, wooden furniture can crack or warp due to the low humidity in winter air. To protect furniture, disassemble it if possible before moving. Wrap pieces separately in moving blankets covered in shrink wrap to keep out any moisture.

In addition, delicate items may become more fragile when exposed to cold winter air. Mirrors, china, and crystal can all become brittle and at risk to damage in the cold. To protect these items, make sure to pack them separately with appropriate insulation.

Loading the Truck

If you’re moving in bad weather, it’s important that you make it as easy as possible for the movers to load and unload the truck. First, clear your driveway and all sidewalks of snow and ice for the movers. Then, salt the path for safety. It’s essential that movers have a safe, straight path to and from your house to the moving truck. Instruct the movers to load the truck with the most delicate items last, so those boxes spend the least amount of time exposed to frigid air.

Guard Against Sleet and Snow

You certainly don’t want to track water in and out of your house during your move. Lay down mats or towels at the main entrance so movers can wipe their shoes. Then, cover floors with plastic sheeting to avoid water damage to carpet or wood floors. Keep extra dry towels handy so movers can be sure to stay dry.

Also, remember to keep all of your belongings dry. Cover electronics, furniture, and boxes with moving blankets or plastic wrap. Check the inside of the truck to make sure that no moisture is getting in.

Prepare Your Car Ahead of Time

If you’ll be driving your personal vehicle to your new location, make sure it’s winter ready. Have your car serviced before your move. Change the oil and make sure you have a full tank of fuel. Check your brakes, heating system, and tires.

Be sure to keep your windshields clear. Bring an ice scraper to clear help clear windshields. Check that your windshield wiper fluid is full so that you can clear snow and ice while driving. Pack a small shovel in your car, in case you need to clear a path upon arrival at your new address.

Finally, dress in layers for comfort. Pack boots, coats, waterproof gloves, and hats. Have a fully charged cell phone with you in case of emergency. On the road, always take caution when driving your vehicle in winter conditions.

Professional Movers for Your Winter Move

Moving in the winter months can present all kinds of extra challenges. Hire expert movers to reduce moving day stress. At Nelson Westerberg, we’re a full service, home moving company that has been in business for over 110 years. We have the trucks, the equipment, and the Pro-Mover certified movers to move you in any kind of weather.

In addition, we offer a full range of services to support your move. We can pack your entire shipment for your winter move, we can provide storage and warehousing solutions, and we can even ship your vehicle for you.

Give us a call today. Answer a few questions, and we’ll provide you with a free quote. A winter move doesn’t have to be scary. With some planning and professional support, you’ll get your move done right