3 Times You Need to Use Specialty Moving Equipment

Piano packed and being moved with specialty moving equipment with blue sky background

Sometimes, regular moving services just won't provide you with enough value. Sure, you could pay for a standard moving service, but you won't receive all of the benefits, and you could damage your valuables as a result. Here are three occasions when you need specialty moving equipment.

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6 Essential Services From International Movers

Moving to another country can be a headache, and many businesses make mistakes during this process. Luckily, there are a number of moving services that will facilitate your international move so everything runs smoothly. Here are six services from international movers that you need to know about:

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10 Tips for The Perfect Office Move

Male Office worker moving boxes in office

Moving offices can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these tips to make sure that you reap all the benefits of office relocation.

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Avoid These 3 Corporate Relocation Mistakes

Business woman in office with moving boxes

Planning a corporate relocation doesn't have to be a big deal, even if you have hundreds (or thousands) of employees. Still, many companies are making the same old mistakes when it comes to choosing relocation movers. Do the same, and you could jeopardize the future of your business. Here are three of the most common corporate relocation blunders — and how to avoid them.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Interstate Movers But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Business man signing off with moving man

Search "Interstate moving companies near me" on Google, and you'll generate hundreds of results. There's a lot of contrasting information out there, though, which can make your relocation more difficult than it really is. Forget everything you've been told. Here's a quick primer to interstate movers — and everything you need to know.

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Looking for International Relocation Solutions That Work? Follow These 3 Tips.

Moving escalator

So, you're an executive planning an international corporate relocation. The problem is, you have no idea how to execute your big move.

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Nelson Westerberg and Atlas Van Lines. A Perfect Match.

professional movers in front of moving truck with Atlas logo on box

Some things work better in twos. Nelson Westerberg has an agent partnership with Atlas Van Lines, which optimizes domestic and cross-border services. This 60-year partnership enhances operational capacity and cost-effectiveness and streamlines the entire moving process. The result? You receive a high-quality service that's catered to your requirements.

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What is a Household Goods Inventory Form?

Woman taking inventory or writing notes on pad in front of laptop sitting on floor cross-legged

Insurance papers, rental agreements, moving contracts — these are just some of the important documents you need when you move to a new corporate location. But there's one document you probably haven't heard about. It's called the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory form, and it will streamline your entire move.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving.

Hands packing glassware in bubbletape

Imagine the scene: It's moving day, and you've just arrived at your new business premises. You unpack your first box and discover the antique vase that used to sit on your CEO's desk has smashed into a hundred pieces. It was an office heirloom — your CEO's most valuable "valuable." As the person who arranged your corporate move, you've got some explaining to do...

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5 Moving Sale Tips That Will Make You More Money.

Guy laying on stomach in front of laptop and moving boxes

Ready to move but have too much stuff? A moving sale will help you get rid of unwanted household items before the big day. Plus, you could make hundreds — or even thousands of dollars — in the process. Here's are five practical tips for organizing a killer moving sale.

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Should You Store Documents Away From Your Office?

Commercial records warehouse modern architecture

Commercial records are the foundation of your business. Without them, you can't communicate with customers, adhere to federal and local laws, or even carry out regular business tasks. Keeping these records in your office, however, could pose a significant risk. Intruders could steal these documents and access sensitive information, which could jeopardize your entire business. Or a fire could destroy all your documents, which could cost you thousands of dollars. Storing your important paperwork and files in a commercial records center provides you with a solution.

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Is There an Atlas Van Lines Near Me?

person holding ipad device showing atlas van lines site

Atlas Van Lines employees are so much more than just movers. They are members of the local community. Since 1948, Atlas has provided local moving services for household and business customers. This is just one of the reasons why Nelson Westerberg is proud to work with its nationwide team of van operators and carriers.

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Customer Moving Documents

If you're one of our customers, you will find the necessary documents for your move here:

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