How Much Will Your Interstate Move Cost?

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Interstate Moving Cost

Before trying to figure out cost, understand what makes this type of move different than others. Know what cross state movers do. Make sure that your interstate movers and packers are well versed on interstate travel regulations and procedures. Once you know what an interstate move entails, start thinking about budget. How much does this type of move cost? Short answer: it depends.

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Main Factors that Influence Price

When trying to budget your interstate move, you need to ask the right questions. Make sure your moving company can answer all of your questions regarding your quote. For example, your company should be able to answer all questions regarding licensing, insurance, estimate types, and extra support services. Each of these topics will impact your final cost.

Biggest Costs: Shipment Weight and Miles Traveled

Many factors influence the price of an interstate move. When you’re researching an interstate moving company, make sure you know what is included in their estimate.

The biggest costs are usually the weight of the shipment and the distance of the move.

Shipments include all boxes, furniture, and specialty items, like patio furniture, safes, and pool tables. Anything that goes on the moving truck is weighed to calculate your shipment cost.

The next biggest expense is the price for transporting your shipment.  You will be charged for the size and number of trucks required for the move. In addition, you will pay a flat mileage fee for transportation of goods, fuel costs, and any tolls.

What Else Will You Pay For?

In addition to the weight of the shipment and distance traveled, there are other factors that will impact your final price. For example, ask about: interstate licensing, insurance coverage, and estimate type. Finally, there are a lot of extra services available for purchase to support your move. Always ask what they offer and know the price.

Interstate Licensing

First, determine that your moving company is legally qualified to cross state lines. Some local movers are not certified to cross state lines with cargo. You don’t want to run into (potentially costly) trouble if your company is not licensed to carry goods from state to state.

Ask to see proof of their license and safety track record. Or, search for yourself on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. Do not agree to move with any company that is not legally certified to move goods to a new state.

Types of Insurance Coverage

All long-distance moving companies must offer released value protection. With this plan, your entire shipment is insured at .60 per pound, regardless of value. This plan is offered at no additional cost. However, companies may also offer full value protection as well as floater plans to provide additional coverage. Know your options and how much these extras will cost.

Estimate Types

The type of estimate that you receive can have a huge impact on the bottom line. There are two types of estimates, a binding estimate and a non-binding estimate.

A binding estimate is an estimate that guarantees the final price of a move. This type of estimate can only be granted after an onsite estimate of total inventory and cannot be changed after loading the shipment.

The second type of estimate is one that the mover believes will be the total cost based upon the mover’s previous experience. These types of estimates are subject to change and are influenced by the final weight of the shipment.

Accessorial Services

In addition, you may want to pay extra for services that will simplify your move and make it less stressful. These are called accessorial services. Two examples of extra services that you might need are vehicle hauling and interstate storage.

Extra Help: Vehicle Hauling

You may not be able to drive your own vehicle to your new destination. Maybe you’re moving for your job, and you need to relocate immediately. Or, maybe you’ll be moving a great distance and you don’t want to put the mileage on your car. In either case, you may want to consider shipping your car.

Extra Help: Interstate Storage

Your interstate move might require temporary or long-term storage or warehousing needs. For example, if your business is relocating, you may arrive before the building is completely ready. Or, maybe you’re moving and your new place is not finished being renovated.

You could also have vehicles-boats, motorcycles, or airplanes-that need to be kept safe. No matter your needs, make sure you know these three things to look for in choosing an interstate storage solution. Storage can be expensive. Make sure that you get what you need from your interstate moving company.

State-to-State Moving: Finding the Right Mover

If you’re planning an interstate move, you need to find the right interstate movers. It can be difficult choosing the right interstate moving company. But, when you’re planning a big move, it’s important that you pick the best.

Pick Professional Interstate Movers

At Nelson Westerberg, we have the experience, the equipment, and the support network to move you right. First, we’re a fully licensed and insured long-distance moving company. That means we’re certified to cross state lines. And, we can tell you all about the types of estimates and insurance we offer.

Complete Support for Your Move

Finally, we offer a full range of accessorial services to make your move easier. For example, if you’re moving to a new state and need to find movers and packers out of state, we can help. We also offer expedited shipping if you need to get your shipment there fast.

Veteran Movers

Why do we know so much? Because we’ve been in business for over 100 years. And, in that time, we have conducted interstate moves of all sizes. Our moving out of state movers have successfully executed both residential and corporate moves.

We’re experienced moving in and out of both rural and urban areas. Considering a move to Dallas, Chicago, or New York? No problem. We’ve moved in and out of those cities and every other major metropolitan area as well. We’ve even moved overseas. Our network runs far and wide.

Quality Support: Atlas Van Lines Partnership

In our long history, we have created many partnerships that have made our business even stronger. Since 1960, we have been a trusted agent of Atlas Van Lines. This means that we have access to their top-of-the-line equipment and resources to assist in any type of relocation. The result is a strong, established supply chain. You can rest assured that we have the equipment and the support network to transport your goods safely and efficiently.

Top Tips and Insider Advice

We have all kinds of valuable information to share to help make your move as smooth as possible. For example, our moving checklist is full of advice to help you plan your trip, understand insurance options, and arrange important documents for travel. Or, check out our interstate moving guide. Also, we have several thoughts on the cheapest way to move across country. Finally, if you’re stressed about your big move, we have tips to help you have a calm moving day.

Contact Us Today

Our professional agents are here to answer all of your questions and help you price your interstate move. With the best people, resources, and the equipment, Nelson Westerberg is ready to make your interstate move a breeze.




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