3 Tips for Hosting a Moving Sale in 2023

Written By

Machaela Casey

One of the things people dread about moving home is having to pack all their belongings — something that could take days or even weeks. Getting rid of some of your items before you move, however, could pay off. Not only will you have fewer things to pack on the big day, but you could make some last-minute cash to finance your relocation. Here are some tips for your moving sale.

Buy Relocation Sale Signs

Want to know how to advertise a moving sale? Sure, social media is great but, sometimes, the traditional methods are the best. Relocation sale signs will tell everyone in your neighborhood that you are hosting a sale. Just place one in your front yard — it’s cheap and easy!

A neighborhood yard sale sign usually comes in a big, bold design that instantly catch peoples’ attention when they are walking or driving past your home, as well as space to put the date and time of your yard sale. The best moving sale signs are easy to place in your yard and are resistant to all types of weather. “Where can I buy moving sale signs,” you ask? Look online for the best deals, including moving signs for sale.

Decide on What to Sell

Now you have advertised your yard sale with moving sale signs, think about the items you want to sell at your event. You can practically sell anything you like — clothes, toys, old books, CDs, electronics, you name it.

Just price everything accordingly and make sure your items are in good working order. Sure, you’ll be leaving the neighborhood soon, but you still don’t want to upset your neighbors!

Prepare for the Weather

Moving sales usually take place in a front yard, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you have enough stuff, and it’s profitable, you could hire a local event space. Alternatively, host your event inside your home.

If you are hosting your sale outside, check the weather beforehand and make any last-minute preparations. Placing your items under a gazebo is a good idea if forecasters predict rainy weather. You will also want to dress appropriately as your event might last several hours. It’s good to have some snacks and a place to sit so you can look after your stuff and talk to neighbors throughout the day.