Nelson Westerberg: Your Best Choice for an Interstate Moving Company

Nelson Westerberg is your top moving partner across the United States and Canada. We’ve been helping individuals and families move across state borders for over a century, guaranteeing that every transaction is hassle and stress-free. We offer top-notch services using specialty equipment to address the needs of movers looking to relocate locally (within the same city or 50-mile radius), interstate (crossing state lines), or even across long distances (over 400 miles). 

Our years of experience as a professional interstate moving company have helped us develop the best relocation systems, including:

  • Office and industrial relocation
  • Experienced commercial project management
  • Systems furniture
  • Asset management and inventory control
  • Special products transportation 

Why Choose Our Interstate Moving Company

At Nelson Westerberg, we guarantee our clients that we will make every interstate move hassle-free. We take pride in our quality customer service, full-range services, and competitive prices. In fact, we are recognized as one of the most RELIABLE and PREMIER moving companies in North America. 

Premier Interstate and Long-Distance Movers

The Nelson Westerberg team does more than just pack boxes — we take care of every phase of all interstate or even long-distance moves for our clients. Whether you’re moving a stone’s throw away to the next state over or are planning to move to the other side of the country, we’ve got you covered. With the right equipment, we can help relocate your furniture, computer equipment, vehicles, and other personal possessions you wish to bring to your new home or office space.

We also equip you with VITAL INFORMATION, such as advice on local laws and regulations in your target state, and transport all your belongings in one go. Our number 1 goal is to optimize your entire interstate move to help you save time, effort, and money. We believe that state-to-state relocations should be hassle-free affairs for our clients. Unlike competitor long-distance movers, Nelson Westerberg doesn’t outsource to other companies to get the job done. Our team is composed of movers and packers who are all equally accountable for ensuring the success of your interstate move. 

Unmatched Customer Service

The company firmly believes in addressing ALL THE NEEDS of our clients as they relocate interstate. We want you to arrive at your new destination without worrying about packing and transporting your belongings or whether they’re well taken care of. We developed our moving process to be as systematic as possible, making it easier for us and our clients to keep track of the relocation as it progresses. Our team ensures that we are always ON TIME during the moving day to avoid delays and address unexpected circumstances so they won’t cause any issues. 

In addition, we guarantee the safety of all your belongings with our top-notch packing strategies and state-of-the-art logistics vehicles. Upon arriving at your destination, our movers and packers will reassemble your pieces of furniture and move them to their designated rooms so you don’t have to. To top it all off, we keep an inventory of your belongings that our moving company transported. That way, it’s easier to trace if there are any missing or damaged items. 

Customization Services

Not all clients have the same needs when interstate relocation is concerned. That’s why we tailor every service we offer to their contexts. Our team guarantees we’ll give you what you ask for at every step of the moving process and ensure you’ll experience a smooth interstate relocation regardless of where you’re moving from or to. The Nelson Westerberg crew offers the same quality across all relocation solutions rendered. We will take care of time-consuming and exhausting tasks, such as packing, unpacking, reinstalling, and arranging your belongings, as well as storing and securing them. 

The company even extensively trains every relocation specialist to handle bulky and unwieldy items without inflicting damage while such belongings are under our care. Nelson Westerberg also employs Pro-certified professional truck and van operators with 15 years of experience to maneuver our state-of-the-art vehicles. All these are VITAL in our moving process to ensure the safety of your possessions. These enable us to efficiently serve your needs and offer the best service possible. 

Competitive Pricing

Our top-caliber interstate moving solutions are coupled with competitive pricing and payment options for our clients. We guarantee you get your money’s worth when you partner with us. We are mostly booked during peak seasons in the summer, but in off seasons between October and May, we offer HUGE DISCOUNTS to customers. So, if you’re a consumer moving on a budget, we suggest scheduling your move between these months. Don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry regarding our pricing. In terms of payment options, we accept both cash and card to be more flexible to every client’s preference. 

Free Quotes & Transparent Costs

The price of our services depends on several factors, and it might vary subject to your relocation needsDespite this, we are transparent about the costs we charge our clients — you’re guaranteed to have ZERO HIDDEN CHARGES on all services offered. You can request a free quotation through our website. You only need to let us know where you’re moving from and record a quick video of each room for the moving checklist. Afterward, you can wait for our evaluation to finish to get your free moving quote. This will give you a precise estimate of the possible expenses you must prepare if you wish to move across the country. 

Trusted & Accredited

Over the years of extensive practice and experience in the logistics industry, the Nelson Westerberg team has proven its worth, serving over 100 years in the fieldThe company started in 1904 when Fred Nelson and Oscar Westerberg decided to open a coal and ice moving company in Chicago. They then pivoted the business to cater to the growing demand of clients until they became a globally respected leader in the household moving and storage business. The company even won several industry awards. 

In 2021, we were awarded the “Move for Hunger” Partner of the Year. We were able to assist in transporting food across different locations and help in “reducing food waste and fighting hunger” the best way we know how. In October 2022, meanwhile, Nelson Westerberg won the Own It! Award at the Global Partner Alliance in Nebraska. The NEI Global Relocation recognized us as one of their top service providers of the year. Additionally, in 2012, our former CEO and now Chairman of the Board, John Westerberg, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for

Distinguished Service

This was granted by the American Moving and Storage Association’s Moving and Storage Institute to recognize the company’s leadership position in the business. Our team is also a partner of Atlas Van Lines, which strengthened our capacity to move families and businesses domestically and around the globe. 

Government Accreditations

It’s also important to note that interstate movers must possess special authority and licensing as required by the federal government. Hence, we are proud that Nelson Westerberg is FULLY LICENSED to handle state-to-state relocations. We strictly follow specific federal licensing guidelines and abide by the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations to offer premium services across state lines. 

Services Offered by Our Interstate Moving Company

Our primary goal is to guarantee a smooth relocation experience for families and businesses moving interstate.  We are able to achieve this by offering good quality service to clients. As mentioned previously, our interstate moving company offers customizable services. There are several options to choose from, so you’re sure that we can give you the BEST MOVING SOLUTION you need. 

Residential Moving Services

The first moving services category we offer is residential relocation. This is intended to move individuals and families who aim to relocate to a different state. Every client avails of distinct services when moving to their new home. It depends mainly on the number of belongings they wish to bring, their budget and the types of items to be moved. For residential moving services, the most common tasks we do on behalf of our clients are packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and special item handling

Packing & Unpacking

Our trained team of moving professionals will help you pack all your belongings securely.  We will prepare all the packing materials, such as moving boxes, plastic wraps, and tape. We can even provide you with specialty boxes for specialty items, including your wardrobe and television. After ensuring that all your personal belongings are intact and safe in their cases, we will load them onto the truck while offering a warranty that nothing will break in transit. Once we arrive at your destination, we will also offload the items and unpack them in your home in the areas where you wish to put them. 

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

On top of that, our team can aid in disassembling your furniture before packing them up to conserve space in the moving van and ensure they’re safe while being relocated. After unpacking your items, we will reassemble all the furniture for you to save you from the hassle of reinstalling. This allows you to focus on other significant tasks not covered by an interstate mover’s role.

Special Item Handling

Transporting specialty items, like your car, pets, piano, and other bulky cargo, can be tricky, especially if you’re going the DIY route. 

Fortunately, the Nelson Westerberg crew offers the finest moving solutions to help you transport specialty items. You no longer need to choose between selling or leaving them in your old neighborhood. 

We are confident that our team of moving specialists can handle the following:

  • Oversized goods – bulky items that regular freight services can’t ship.
  • Special products – items that require specific documentation and paperwork. 
  • Fragile goods – delicate items can be easily damaged while being moved. 

With our equipment and specialized resources, we can efficiently relocate these items with ease. We also offer VALUE PROTECTION for all specialty items in case of accidents. 

Commercial Moving Services

Aside from residential relocation, we also offer commercial moving services for businesses. Nelson Westerberg is the best choice for commercial moving because we have facilitated such relocations for over 80 years for a hundred Fortune 1000 companiesWe extend our services to EVERYONE, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, addressing all their relocation needs. 

Office Relocations

If you wish to relocate your entire office to a different state, our team can offer the perfect solution for you. 

A few things we cover for office relocations include:

  • Records and information management – our team can help in keeping and transporting all the records and necessary documents kept in your office. 
  • Facilities relocation – we can also relocate equipment and other moveable facilities you wish to move to your new office. 
  • Warehousing and distribution – if your new office is still being renovated or you’re waiting for it to be prepared by the previous tenant, we can temporarily store all your belongings in a climate-controlled warehouse.
  • Special product transportation – we can even ship specialty and valuable items, as well as bulky cargo, with ease. 
  • Group relocation –  our team can also streamline group moves and facilitate big groups relocating interstate from one office to another.

When you partner with Nelson Westerberg for your office relocation, we will align our strategies with your talent mobility policies so you can retain top talents as you move. Our team will facilitate your office move with ease, so it’s easier for you to keep track of other important matters for your business.   

Corporate Moves

The company also offers intuitive and streamlined corporate relocation strategies for businesses. We will take charge of the following:

  • Pre-move strategizing – we will create a realistic timeline for your entire relocation plan. We can also assist with home sales and purchases and help provide temporary housing for your employees. 
  • International relocation with host counseling – our team will also research your target state for your employees and their families to make it easier for them to adjust to their soon-to-be neighborhood. We’ll assist in sourcing their medical and educational needs, as well as acquiring the documents and certifications needed so they can work immediately after the relocation.
  • Packing and unpacking services – if you avail of our full-service relocation services, we will prepare all the packing materials and secure your items as they are being shipped to your new office. After moving the entire space and UPON arriving at your destination, our team will unpack what needs to be unpacked and reinstall what must be reinstalled. Business operations can resume in no time. 
  • Freight management – the moving specialists in our team will line up the modes of transportation needed to relocate your belongings and have the necessary paperwork ready, so it’s easier to move from one place to another. 

With Nelson Westerberg, you no longer have to deal with stressful tasks involved in corporate moves. We will plan and facilitate your entire move so you don’t have to. 

Vehicle Transportation

Moving to a different state doesn’t mean you have to leave or sell your car and buy a new one. You can bring your trusty wheels without having to drive them cross country by availing of our vehicle hauling servicesOur company has the necessary equipment and modes of transportation to haul your vehicles and relocate them to a different city, state, or country. We can ship any car makes or models. We can even move motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, ATVs, boats, etc. Rest assured that they will be handled with CARE and ATTENTION.

Even your antique and sports cars are guaranteed to stay in shape from the moment we get them in your driveway to the time they arrive at your new location. There’s also no need to worry in case of any car damage because they will be FULLY INSURED. We will cover the cost of damages and arrange vehicle storage solutions if you’re still waiting to move in.  

Storage Solutions

No matter how much you prepare for your interstate move, there could still be factors that cause unnecessary delays, especially with the new home or office you will move into. In some cases, the previous owners haven’t relocated yet, or the place is under renovation and needs a few more days to become livable. That’s why we made sure to offer storage and warehousing solutions for clients, providing TEMPORARY STOREROOMS for your personal belongings to keep them from getting damaged.

Nelson Westerberg owns over 400 warehouse locations in the US and Canada, with partners offering short-term and long-term storage options. These warehouses are equipped with climate-control technologies and security features so the public won’t have access to your belongings. Our facilities are guaranteed SAFE and SECURE, so there’s no need to worry about your items’ condition while being stored. 

Short-term Storage

If you need temporary storage for up to 3 months, we can help warehouse your belongings in our storage facilities. This is useful when you’re still improving your new home or office and need a place to temporarily store your items to make moving around your space more manageable. You can use storage units instead of warehouses to save money when storing fewer small items. 

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage, around six months and beyond, is also offered by Nelson Westerberg. This is perfect for individuals who have heavy equipment, vehicles, or furniture they can’t fit yet in their new home or office and they need temporary storage for such items. You can also avail of this if you think the renovations would take a while before you can move in most of your items. If you’re going to store oversized and fragile items, we recommend storing them in warehouses, as these are more advanced in terms of security and care. 

The Interstate Moving Process

Now that you know the interstate moving solutions we offer, it’s time to walk you through our moving process. This will give you a clearer picture of how we operate as a team to relocate you to your new home cross-country. 

1. Free In-Home & Virtual Estimates

As mentioned, the price of our services greatly depends on your relocation needs. It’s determined by several factors, such as the types and number of items you wish to bring as you move and the distance between your current location and soon-to-be home. To receive a more in-depth assessment, our team can visit your home FOR FREE, or you can send us a video of your items and each room in your house. The virtual estimate we make through our innovative video survey system is one of the company’s standout features loved by customers we previously handled. It allows us to assess your belongings that need to be packed and relocated in one go, which streamlines the assessment process for our clients. 

2. Customized Moving Plans

This assessment will be the basis of the moving plan and checklist we will draft exclusively for you. We will determine the best possible solutions to efficiently pack and relocate your belongings, no matter how big or fragile. This customized moving plan is guaranteed to be TAILORED to your interstate moving needs — from packing strategies, transportation, storage, and post-move support. We’ve got them all covered.

3. Packing & Loading

During your moving day, our team of moving professionals will show up right at your doorstep with all the packing materials prepared and packing strategies in mind. We will securely bundle up your items using appropriate materials and methods to AVOID DAMAGE. The team will also load them onto the moving van or truck and arrange them properly so all the items are safe while in transit. Our crew is trained to handle fragile and bulky cargo, as we’ve done for years. All your belongings are safe with Nelson Westerberg.

4. Transportation

We take pride in our professional movers and drivers, trained to relocate your entire home or office across the country and even around the globe. Nelson Westerberg is also affiliated with Atlas Van Lines, the nation’s SECOND-LARGEST carrier and van line. Through this partnership, we are able to offer state-of-the-art equipment to assist you better with your relocation needs. This also allowed us to offer top-tier moving services, including residential moves, corporate relocations, military and government moves, vehicle transport, small shipments, and more. 

5. Delivery & Unloading

We not only pack and transport your belongings, but we also take care of delivering them to your new home or office area. Our team will safely unload all your items and ensure they stay in shape as they are offloaded and moved into designated rooms.

6. Post-Move Support

Nelson Westerberg also offers post-move support, such as unpacking your boxes and reinstalling all your furniture, to help shorten your to-do list. Plus, we can aid homeowners and businesses in arranging their belongings and hook up necessary items upon request. You only need to tell us what needs to be done, and we’ll do the rest of the dirty work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interstate Moving

You may still have lots of questions popping up in your mind. So to save you from trouble, we also discuss frequently asked questions about interstate moving in this section.

What Factors Influence the Cost of an Interstate Move?

Understanding the meaning of interstate relocation costs helps you prepare enough of a budget to finance your entire move. 

This also means it’s important to know the factors influencing interstate moving costs, as prices of services may vary depending on the:

  • weight of goods that need to be loaded and transported.
  • distance between your old location and target state.
  • moving time needed to complete all the tasks for a successful relocation. 
  • packing services and supplies to be utilized to secure all the items. 
  • number of movers involved in the entire moving process. 
  • time of the year when you’re planning to move, as prices tend to be higher during peak seasons, and discounts are likely to be available during off-seasons. 
  • insurance that covers all the damages incurred to your belongings during relocation. 

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Planning your interstate move ahead is one of the crucial factors for a successful relocation. 

Here are practical interstate moving tips for your guidance:


  1. Set a realistic timeline to avoid the last-minute rush.
  2. Create a moving budget to prepare for possible and unexpected expenses.
  3. Look for a reputable moving company that offers customizable and premium-quality services.
  4. Arrange utilities and postal services before moving out of your old home and into your new space. 
  5. Work with a reliable real estate agent and seek professional moving advice.
  6. Research your target state and prepare to adjust your life to your new environment. 

How Long Does an Interstate Move Take?

For most long-distance moves, the entire relocation process will occur across weeks or months, depending on your moving window. You still need to plan for about two months to ensure everything is systematic and will run as smoothly as possible. The distance also determines the expected waiting time for movers to deliver all your items. Usually, it spans two to twenty-two days or moreAllocating enough time to plan interstate moves is also VITAL in securing better pricing and having a concrete blueprint for the move.

However, certain situations would push you to move right away. Fortunately, with Nelson Westerberg, you can benefit from our expedited moving services for last-minute and urgent relocations. This helps you ditch the standard waiting time and have your belongings on the road and moved to your new location in a snap.

Do I Need Moving Insurance?

Choosing the right moving insurance before relocating is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for interstate moves. This should be one of your priorities when preparing to move to another state. As specified by federal law, interstate movers are required to offer $0.60/pound, regardless of the items’ value. However, more is needed if you move your entire office space or family home because you might be packing expensive and sentimental items to be relocated to another state. 

Taking extra precautions is essential, especially for high-value items like antiques, collectibles, and clothes. These are usually evaluated at over $100/pound. If you choose to purchase full-value coverage for your belongings, you must declare these specific items separately on a high-value inventory formIt also helps to take videos and photos of your goods before packing to document their original form and condition. Insuring all your belongings guarantees that the moving company will be liable for damages incurred while items are under their care. 

What Items Are Prohibited from Being Moved?

While you can relocate many items to a different state, there are also ones that are prohibited to ensure your safety while moving. These include hazardous items like:

  • Batteries, alkaline, and lead-acid for cars
  • Cleaning products
  • Corrosive chemicals and poison
  • Flammables and explosives
  • Gas and oil products
  • Ammunition
  • Illegal substances 

How to Choose the Best Interstate Moving Company

Choosing reliable interstate movers and packers is key to a SUCCESSFUL RELOCATION. Hence, you must take time to research to discover the best interstate moving companies within your area. Note all the green flags to select a good team that offers exceptional service. 

Reputation & Reviews

One indicator that a company offers good customer service is its reputation and candid reviews from previous clients. You need to hire a company that deals well with their clients and can offer APPROPRIATE SERVICES to address your relocation needs. You can also look at the awards and recognition they garnered throughout their years of service and how respected they are in the industry. 

Licensing & Insurance

It’s essential to check the company for licenses and certifications to ensure that you’re hiring well-trained and highly qualified professional moversThis signifies that they can EFFICIENTLY MANAGE everything that must be done within the moving process, even if they’re tasked to handle specialty items. As mentioned, interstate movers must have special authority and licensing to operate across state lines. It must be determined that the company you hire meets specific federal licensing guidelines

Plus, they must abide by the rules of the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA), the way Nelson Westerberg does. You must also check for insurance and premiums they offer to gauge their liability on damaged items under their care. Getting full-value protection on your belongings, especially those that are sentimental, expensive, or fragile, means you’ll get compensated if damages are incurred. 

Services & Pricing

Checking the company for the types of services offered to clients is essential to know if they are the best partner to address your relocation needsYou must determine if they offer the services you wish to avail of and if they can provide PROFESSIONAL ADVICE on how to go about your interstate move. With this, you’ll also know if they are experienced and knowledgeable regarding cross-country relocations and guarantee that you get the best experience possible. On top of this, you must gauge if their pricing is within your budget or if they can offer flexible payment options for clients. You must ensure you get your money’s worth in exchange for good quality service. 

Years of Industry Experience

Years of industry experience exude knowledge and expertise in the field. Hence, it’s vital to know how long the moving company has been on the move, streamlining clients’ interstate relocations. Plus, you must determine the vast experience of the people and companies it works with. As a company that’s been doing interstate relocations for over a century, Nelson Westerberg always maintains a team of experts with more than 15 years of experience to sustain its brand promise. This guarantees you premium service that addresses all your moving needs and concerns. The company has the capacity to diligently transport your entire home or office cross country — manpower, strategies, equipment, transportation, and network. 

Get a Free Quote for Your Interstate Move

Ready to plan your moving day? Discuss your plans, budget, and relocation needs with our experts, and get an accurate quote for our services FOR FREE!

Simply take a video of your space and belongings so we can make clear-cut estimations and assessments. 

With more than 100 years of industry experience and as a globally respected company, you are guaranteed to get the best interstate relocation services possible with Nelson Westerberg.