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What Is a Van Line?

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A van line is a specific type of moving company. They provide services all across the country through a network of fully vetted partners. However, the van line itself processes all the paperwork and makes all the arrangements necessary. So you only have to deal with one person instead of multiple providers.

You can use them for local moves, but they are a top choice for long-distance ones.  This is because they have connections beyond your local moving company.

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How Is a Van Line Different From a Moving Van Rental?

With a moving van rental, you are leasing a specific type of moving truck for a certain period of time from a company. Moving vans are typically a bit smaller than moving trucks and can hold a small apartment’s worth of stuff.

A van line is a company that will organize your whole move for you and does a whole lot more than just renting a vehicle for a few hours to move some furniture. Both are completely necessary services as part of the moving and storage industry but serve very different purposes.

How Is a Van Line Different From a Moving Broker?

While van lines and moving brokers can both help you get everything you need for a local, long-distance, and small move, a broker is quite different. The latter is more like a middleman who arranges the services for you. Unlike van lines that only work with approved partners, a broker could hire anyone to do the job.

That might mean they are just going with whoever has the best price, not necessarily the best quality. The danger with a moving broker is that the job might cost more than expected, or you could end up with low-quality movers handling your items. So, if you do go with a broker, make sure they have a great reputation.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Vanline?

These companies have a ton of infrastructure that can get your shipment where it needs to go, even if you’re moving to the most remote corner of the country. Most van lines have also been around for a while and have a great reputation. So, they are well-established networks that you can trust and promise excellent customer service. They have a lot of accountability because they want to maintain their positive reputation.

Vanlines moving companies are also a great idea for international moves. While the name might suggest they are only used for road transportation, they can also be used for air, sea, and rail transportation. Due to their specified knowledge, experience, and partnerships, they can often provide specialty services that go the extra mile.

The authorized agents and partners of this type of company have to fulfill certain requirements and uphold certain standards to make sure they are providing quality service, although each agent is usually an independently-owned business.

The other great thing about moving solutions van lines, compared with independent moving companies, is that there is a clear chain of recourse and place to turn to if there is any kind of dispute. A large company’s corporate headquarters will take your concerns seriously, and if there’s a loss will resolve things quickly. However, when it comes to a smaller company you can have quite a mixed experience.

How to Work With the Best Moving Van Lines

When you get your move set up with a van line you will first work with a business called a booking agent. That is the local representative of the larger company. This business is the one that will find out what you need and pair up your moving experience with the best partners. Then you will work with the company’s moving coordinator to sign all the paperwork and make sure all your requirements will be met.

Sometimes, the booking agent company provides services locally, like packing and loading, but usually one of the van line’s other partners is the one who does the actual transport, depending on where you are moving to. The company that does the transport is called the hauling agent.

Van lines can also provide other services like storage and are equipped to handle both corporate relocation as well as home moving services. Using the same company for all of your services is a pretty good idea because you can rest assured you will get the same commitment to high-quality service and have one contact person for your whole move or transportation project.

What About Nelson Westerberg?

Nelson Westerberg has five regional agencies in the U.S. These agencies cover all corners of the country:

  • Carrollton, TX, which serves customers in Texas and the Southwest.
  • Elk Grove Village, IL, which serves customers in Illinois and the Midwest.
  • Chino Hills, CA, which serves customers in California and the Pacific region.
  • Mableton, GA, which serves customers in Georgia and the Southeast.
  • Somerville, NJ, which serves customers in New Jersey and the Northeast.

When looking for local or long distance moving companies near you, we can support you almost anywhere in the country for a nationwide move and can guide you through the entire moving process.  Nelson Westerberg also has access to more than 400 storage locations across North America. Together with Atlas, Nelson Westerberg can deliver specialized, cost-effective moving services to people across the U.S. and Canada. We are proud of our personalized door-to-door customer service and can handle and size full service move with our cutting edge technology and relocation systems.

Nelson Westerberg and Atlas Strive to Inspire

Nelson Westerberg has been and continues to be one of the top Atlas Van Lines agents since we joined the company in 1960. Our partnership has been going strong for over 60 years and we are proud to offer service that is on par with Atlas moving company quality. We are proud of our Atlas Van Lines partnership.

If you’re searching for an Atlas Van Lines agent near you, contact us for a free quote to obtain the best moving company rates.