Ship Furniture with Ease: Top Companies & Cost-Saving Tips 

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Moving can be an exciting yet stressful experience, especially when it comes to shipping your cherished furniture pieces. Entrusting your valuable possessions to a shipping company requires careful consideration and research.

Choosing the right furniture shipping company is crucial to ensure your items arrive at their destination safely and efficiently. However, with numerous options available, each offering different services and pricing structures, the selection process can quickly become overwhelming.

Key factors to consider when evaluating furniture shipping companies include understanding the unique challenges of furniture shipping, assessing a company’s reputation, services, and pricing. Essential information will be provided to help choose the best fit for your needs.

Top furniture shipping companies for 2024 will be introduced, highlighting their strengths and specialties. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to select a reliable and cost-effective shipping partner, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience for your furniture.

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Understanding Furniture Shipping

Furniture shipping is a specialized service that involves transporting furniture items from one place to another. Whether you’re moving to a new home, relocating your office, or selling furniture online, knowing the details of furniture shipping is crucial for a smooth and successful experience.

What Is Furniture Shipping?

Furniture shipping is the process of packing, loading, transporting, and delivering furniture from the origin to the destination. Specialized furniture shipping companies with the expertise, equipment, and resources to handle the unique challenges of moving furniture typically provide this service.

Why Furniture Shipping Requires Special Attention

Shipping furniture requires extra care and attention due to several factors that set it apart from shipping other types of goods. Let’s explore two key reasons why furniture shipping demands special consideration.

Fragility Of Furniture Items

Many furniture pieces are delicate and prone to damage during transit. Antiques, heirlooms, and high-end furniture often have intricate details, fragile materials, and sensitive finishes that can easily be scratched, chipped, or broken if not handled properly.

Size And Weight Considerations

Furniture items come in various sizes and weights, which can pose logistical challenges during shipping. Large, bulky pieces like sofas, armoires, and dining tables require special handling and may not fit through standard doorways or elevators.

Common Furniture Shipping Challenges

In addition to fragility and size considerations, furniture shipping presents several other challenges that must be addressed for a successful move. Here are three common challenges faced during furniture shipping.

Potential For Damage During Transit

Despite careful packing and handling, furniture items are still susceptible to damage during transit. Bumps, jolts, and vibrations can cause shifting, rubbing, and impact, potentially leading to scratches, dents, or even structural damage.

Moving Furniture Across Distances

Furniture shipping can be intricate, particularly for long-range or global relocations. Coordinating pickup, delivery, and storage schedules, managing customs clearance and documentation, and ensuring timely and efficient transportation demand careful planning and execution.

Balancing Cost And Quality Of Service

Shipping furniture can be expensive, especially for larger or heavier items. Customers often seek cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of service.

By understanding the unique aspects of furniture shipping, including item fragility, size and weight considerations, and common challenges, you can better prepare for a successful furniture moving experience. Choosing the right furniture shipping company is essential to ensure your valuable possessions are in capable hands.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Furniture Shipping Company

Selecting the right furniture shipping company is a critical decision that can greatly affect the success of your move. With many options available, it’s important to consider several key factors to ensure you choose a reliable, experienced, and customer-focused company.

Reputation And Experience

When trusting your valuable furniture to a shipping company, it’s essential to evaluate their reputation and experience in the industry. A company with a strong track record and extensive expertise is more likely to deliver high-quality service and handle your furniture with the greatest care.

Company History And Background

Investigate the company’s history and background to assess their stability and longevity in the furniture shipping industry. Seek information about their years in business, leadership team, and any significant achievements or certifications.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Examine customer reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the experiences of past clients. Focus on feedback regarding the company’s professionalism, reliability, and customer service.

Range Of Services Offered

Consider the range of services provided by the furniture shipping company to ensure they can meet your specific needs. Look for a company that offers a wide range of services to accommodate various shipping requirements.

Standard Shipping Options

Evaluate the company’s standard shipping options, such as ground, air, or ocean freight. Consider the transit times, cost, and suitability for your furniture items.

Specialized Services For Fragile Or High-Value Items

For fragile or high-value furniture pieces, inquire about specialized services designed to provide extra protection. Seek companies that offer custom crating, climate-controlled transport, or additional insurance coverage for delicate or expensive items.

White Glove Delivery And Installation

For a seamless and stress-free experience, consider companies that provide white glove delivery and installation services. These services typically include unpacking, assembly, and placement of your furniture in your new space.

Pricing And Affordability

Pricing is a significant factor when selecting a furniture shipping company. While finding a cost-effective solution is important, be wary of companies offering rates that seem too good to be true, as they may compromise on quality or service.

Transparent Pricing Structures

Look for companies with transparent pricing structures that clearly outline all costs associated with your shipment. Request detailed quotes that break down the charges for packing, loading, transportation, and any additional services.

Competitive Rates And Value For Money

Compare rates from multiple furniture shipping companies to ensure you’re getting competitive pricing. However, don’t base your decision solely on the lowest price; consider the value for money, taking into account the company’s reputation, services offered, and customer support.

Insurance Coverage And Liability

Protecting your furniture during shipping is paramount. Carefully review the insurance coverage and liability policies offered by the furniture shipping company to ensure your items are adequately protected in case of damage or loss.

Look for companies that offer a wide range of insurance options to cover the full value of your furniture. Understand the coverage limits, deductibles, and any exclusions or restrictions.

Clarity On Liability In Case Of Damage Or Loss

Clearly understand the company’s liability in case of damage or loss during shipping. Review their terms and conditions regarding claims, documentation requirements, and the process for filing and resolving claims.

Delivery Timeframes And Reliability

When shipping furniture, timely and reliable delivery is crucial, especially if you have specific move-in dates or deadlines to meet. Evaluate the company’s delivery timeframes and reliability to ensure they can meet your expectations.

Estimated Transit Times

Inquire about the estimated transit times for your shipment based on the origin, destination, and shipping method. Look for companies that provide realistic and accurate estimates, taking into account any potential delays or customs clearance processes for international shipments.

On-Time Delivery Guarantees

Consider companies that offer on-time delivery guarantees, ensuring your furniture arrives within the promised timeframe. Look for policies that outline compensation or remedies in case of delays or missed delivery dates.

Customer Support And Communication

Effective communication and responsive customer support are essential throughout the furniture shipping process. Choose a company that prioritizes customer service and keeps you informed at every stage.

Responsive And Knowledgeable Customer Service

Evaluate the company’s customer service channels, such as phone, email, or live chat. Ensure they have a responsive and knowledgeable support team that can address your inquiries, concerns, or issues promptly and professionally.

Real-Time Tracking And Updates

Look for companies that provide real-time tracking and updates on your shipment’s progress. Having access to tracking information and receiving regular updates can give you peace of mind and help you plan accordingly.

Top Furniture Shipping Companies For 2024

Choosing the right furniture shipping company can be overwhelming with numerous options available. Here’s a list of the top furniture shipping companies for 2024, selected based on reputation, services, pricing, and customer satisfaction.

Nelson Westerberg 

Nelson Westerberg is known for outstanding customer service and a wide range of moving options. They focus on personalized attention and efficient logistics.

Dedicated Moving Coordinators

Nelson Westerberg assigns each customer a personal coordinator who serves as a single point of contact. These experienced professionals provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure a smooth, stress-free experience.

Moving Services

Whether you need professional house movers for a local move or a long distance moving service for a cross-country relocation, Nelson Westerberg has you covered. They offer packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking services, ensuring your furniture is handled with utmost care.


U-Pack offers a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. Their innovative approach to moving is budget-friendly.

Budget-Friendly Options

U-Pack’s pricing model is affordable and transparent. Customers only pay for the space they use in the moving trailer, making it economical for smaller furniture shipments.

Flexibility In Shipping Arrangements

U-Pack offers flexibility with trailer or ReloCube container options, depending on shipment size. Customers can choose to load and unload themselves or hire professional assistance, controlling their timeline and budget.


PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is well-known for convenient and adaptable shipping services. They’re a popular choice for furniture shipping.

Convenient Storage Solutions

PODS offers convenient storage solutions with portable containers delivered to your doorstep. Load your furniture at your own pace, and the container can be stored at a secure PODS facility until you’re ready for delivery.

Adaptable Shipping Services

PODS accommodates local or long-distance moves with different container sizes. Their team of professionals ensures safe and timely delivery to your destination.


Mayflower has a strong reputation in the industry with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. They have an extensive network of moving professionals.

Strong Reputation In The Industry

With over 90 years in the moving industry, Mayflower has built a solid reputation for reliability and excellence. Their vast network of agents and moving professionals ensures a seamless and efficient moving experience.

Emphasis On Customer Satisfaction

Mayflower goes above and beyond to meet each customer’s unique needs. They offer personalized moving plans, expert packing services, and dedicated customer support for a positive, stress-free experience.

Ship Smart

Ship Smart focuses on cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Their nationwide coverage and user-friendly online platform make furniture shipping accessible and convenient.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Ship Smart offers competitive pricing for furniture shipping, appealing to budget-conscious customers. They provide transparent quotes and pricing structures for informed decision-making.

Nationwide Coverage And Online Quotes

With a nationwide network of shipping partners, Ship Smart provides furniture shipping services across the country. Their user-friendly online platform allows customers to easily request quotes, compare prices, and book shipments.


Shiply is an innovative platform connecting customers with rated furniture movers. It offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for furniture shipping.

Connecting Customers With Rated Movers

Shiply’s platform allows customers to post their furniture shipping requirements and receive competitive bids from rated movers. This process enables comparison of prices, services, and reviews to find the best fit.

Competitive Rates And Diverse Services

Shiply fosters competition among movers, helping customers secure competitive rates. The platform offers diverse services, including local and long-distance moving, furniture assembly, and international shipping.


FreightCenter specializes in providing customized furniture shipping solutions for residential and commercial customers. They focus on handling the unique challenges of transporting furniture.

Specialization In Furniture Shipping

FreightCenter has extensive experience in furniture shipping. They understand the importance of proper packing, loading, and transportation techniques to ensure safe arrival at the destination.

Customized Solutions For LTL And Full Truckload

FreightCenter offers customized solutions for less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload shipments. They work closely with customers to understand their particular needs and provide suitable shipping options.


uShip is a shipping marketplace connecting customers with furniture shipping experts. It offers a convenient platform for comparing quotes and services.

Shipping Marketplace For Comparing Quotes

uShip’s online marketplace allows customers to post their furniture shipping requirements and receive quotes from multiple providers. This transparent process enables comparison of prices, services, and reviews for informed decision-making.

Availability Of White Glove Shipping Services

uShip offers access to white glove shipping services, providing an elevated level of care for high-value or delicate furniture. These services often include specialized packing, climate-controlled transportation, and professional installation.

Consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences when choosing a furniture shipping company. Evaluate each company’s unique strengths and services, and read customer reviews to find the best fit for your requirements.

Preparing Your Furniture For Shipping

Proper preparation is key to ensuring your furniture arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was sent. Taking the time to carefully pack and label your furniture can minimize the risk of damage during transit and make the shipping process smoother.

Proper Packing Techniques

Packing your furniture correctly is crucial to protect it from scratches, dents, and other forms of damage during transportation. Employing the best packing tips when moving can make a significant difference in the condition of your furniture upon arrival.

Disassembling Large Items

When shipping large furniture items like beds, desks, or bookshelves, it’s often necessary to disassemble them into smaller, more manageable pieces. This not only makes the items easier to pack and transport but also reduces the risk of damage.

Keep all hardware, such as screws and bolts, in labeled bags and tape them securely to the corresponding furniture piece.

Using Appropriate Packing Materials

Using the right packing materials is essential to protect your furniture during shipping. Bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam sheets are excellent options for wrapping and cushioning delicate items.

For added protection, consider using furniture pads or blankets to cover larger pieces. Sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, and stretch wrap are also necessary for securing and stabilizing your furniture during transit.

Labeling And Inventory Management

Proper labeling and inventory management are crucial for keeping track of your furniture during the shipping process. Ensuring everything arrives at its intended destination is a top priority.

Clear Labeling For Easy Identification

Label each box or wrapped furniture piece clearly with your name, destination address, and contents. Use a permanent marker or printed labels to ensure the information remains legible throughout the shipping process.

Consider adding “Fragile” or “Handle With Care” labels to boxes containing delicate items to alert movers to take extra precautions.

Creating A Detailed Inventory List

Create a detailed inventory list of all the furniture items you’re shipping. Include a description of each piece, its condition, and any specific handling instructions.

This list will serve as a reference for both you and the shipping company, helping to ensure that all items are accounted for and arrive safely at their destination.

Communicating Special Instructions

Clear communication with your chosen furniture shipping company is essential to ensure your items receive the appropriate care and attention during the moving process. Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns and requirements.

Notifying Movers Of Fragile Items

Inform your movers about any fragile or delicate furniture pieces that require extra care during handling and transportation. Provide specific instructions on how these items should be packed, loaded, and unloaded to minimize the risk of damage.

If necessary, consider requesting additional padding or crating for particularly valuable or sensitive items.

Providing Specific Handling Or Delivery Directions

If you have any specific handling or delivery requirements, make sure to communicate them clearly to your furniture shipping company. This may include preferred loading or unloading times, specific delivery instructions for your destination address, or any other special requests that will ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience.

By following these preparation guidelines, you can help protect your furniture during the shipping process and increase the likelihood of it arriving at its destination in the same condition as it was sent. Remember to choose a reputable furniture shipping company, like those mentioned previously, to ensure your items receive the best possible care and attention throughout their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average cost of shipping furniture across the country?

Shipping furniture across the country can vary in cost based on the size, weight, distance, and chosen shipping company. Expect to pay between $300 to $600 for a single piece of furniture, while a full room of furniture can range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more.

  • How long does it typically take to ship furniture long-distance?

The shipping time for furniture depends on the method and distance. Ground transportation usually takes 1 to 4 weeks, while expedited options may be faster but more expensive.

  • Are there any items that furniture shipping companies won’t transport?

Most furniture shipping companies restrict the transport of hazardous materials, flammable substances, explosives, and illegal goods. Some may also limit the shipping of antiques, high-value items, or pieces requiring special handling or climate control.

  • What happens if my furniture gets damaged during shipping?

If your furniture sustains damage during shipping, document the damage and promptly notify the shipping company. Many companies offer insurance or liability coverage, and depending on their policies and the extent of the damage, they may repair, replace, or compensate for the loss.

  • How do I choose the right furniture shipping company for my needs?

When selecting a furniture shipping company, evaluate their reputation, experience, services, pricing, and insurance options. Research and compare multiple companies, read customer reviews, and seek recommendations from those who have recently shipped furniture.

Look for companies specializing in furniture shipping that offer services aligned with your specific needs, such as white glove delivery or storage solutions. Feel free to ask questions and request quotes from various providers to find the best match for your furniture shipping requirements.


Choosing the right furniture shipping company is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your moving experience. After carefully considering your options, you’ll want to make a final selection that best meets your needs and ensures a smooth transition. Carefully consider factors such as reputation, range of services, pricing, insurance coverage, and customer support to ensure your cherished furniture pieces are in capable hands.

Take the time to research and compare top companies like Nelson Westerberg, U-Pack, PODS, Mayflower, Ship Smart, Shiply, FreightCenter, and uShip to find the one that best aligns with your specific needs and budget. Proper preparation and clear communication with your chosen shipping company are key to a smooth and successful furniture shipping process.

By partnering with a reputable and reliable shipping provider, you can rest assured that your furniture will arrive at its destination safely and efficiently. This allows you to focus on settling into your new home with peace of mind.