Don’t Believe These 4 Put-Away Service Myths

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Machaela Casey
Two movers in uniform carrying boxes

The concept of professional unpacking is simple, but the number of misconceptions that surround this service might surprise you. Forget what you’ve heard. Choose the right movers, and a put-away service will cost less than you think and provide you with lots of benefits. Here are some of the biggest myths that relate to unpacking services.

1. You Won’t Be Able to Find Your Belongings After You’ve Moved

Some people think that movers just place household goods anywhere — toys in the kitchen, the TV in the bathroom, kitchen furniture in the back yard.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The best movers plan ahead of time and find out where you want them to place your belongings. This way, everything is in the right place when you move into your new location.

2. You Have to Provide Moving Equipment

The best moving companies won’t expect you to have moving equipment like containers, boxes, and storage pods to transport your items. Instead, they have all the equipment you need for your move.

Professional movers will safely load your valuables into the right moving storage equipment and take it to your destination. Then, on the other end, they will unload your items and place them in the right rooms. It’s that simple.

3. Unpacking Services are Too Expensive

This one’s another myth. Sure, you will usually have to pay extra for moving packing and unpacking services, but this cost can be reasonable (depending on the moving company you choose, of course).

Plus, the unpacking services cost could pay for itself in the long run. Just imagine: You won’t have to spend hours packing up your belongings, taking them to your new home and unpacking them when you arrive. The best moving companies do everything for you.

4. Paying for Home Unpacking Services is an Unnecessary Expense

Some people think that, if you are physically able to, you should pack and unpack your own belongings. However, this isn’t always possible.

You might be at work in the run-up to your move and just not have the time to pack your items. Or you might have to start a new job after you move home and won’t have time to unpack. Perhaps you are a busy parent who needs to look after your children. Maybe you’re just too tired to unpack after a long move.

Whatever the reason, investing in professional unpacking services will provide you with multiple benefits and take the stress out of moving.