Full Service Moving Companies

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Machaela Casey
Moving and storage trailer with strapped moving blankets and packed boxes on floor

What is a Full Service Moving Company?


A full service moving company provides all services from packing all the way to unpacking. You can usually get different services a la carte or get a whole package for your move, depending on the company. Many moving companies, but not all, provide full service.

Full Service Moving Storage

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Moving to a new house isn’t the only reason you would want to hire movers who do it all. Even just moving items into a storage space can be a big deal. If you want to make the job easier on yourself, you can hire some of the best full service movers to pack up whatever it is you are storing, and haul it away for you. That way, you don’t have to lift a finger. When you are ready to get your items back, you can have the moving team unpack them for you as well.

Full Service Moving Services Cost

It’s true that this kind of move can be a little more expensive than the ones where you rent a truck and do all the moving yourself. However, for those who want a hassle-free moving experience, it is well worth it. Full service professionals are trained to pack everything safely. Plus, they do it much more quickly than you could. It takes the average person a while to pack everything to move. And that makes sense – you have a job and other life obligations that would keep you from focusing on it. However, professionals can usually get the job of packing, loading the truck, and getting on the road done in just one day. This saves you a lot of time so you can focus on whatever it is that you do best.

Full Service Long Distance Moving Companies

While any move can benefit from this type of moving service, long distance moves are a popular option. A move over a greater distance than 50 miles can be more stressful than moving within the same town. There are often more logistical parts to think about, and other details like getting a new license and registering kids in a new school that can take up your time and attention.

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