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Furniture Moving Service

Companies for Moving Furniture Near Me

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One of the most common reasons to hire movers is to move furniture. Items like couches, bed frames, and dining sets are rather unwieldy and hard for the average person to move on their own. Professional movers have experience with this and their expertise not only saves your back from injury but also saves your items from damage. They have all the items you need including moving blankets and other protective supplies to get everything to your destination in one piece.

Do Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture?

Most movers provide disassembly for basic furniture items. If there is something particularly involved or complex, there may be an extra fee. To find moving providers that definitely offer this service, read their websites and reviews. You can also call around and ask to make sure you will be able to get all of the moving services that you need.

Antique Furniture Moving Companies

Moving antiques is a special job. You want to know that your items will be well cared for and protected. We can provide full blanket wrapping, crating, and supplemental insurance to make sure that your precious goods remain intact. We take care with all of our moving jobs, but especially with moving antiques and heirlooms.

Professional furniture movers have the knowledge to get the job done right every time. Whether it is everyday objects or precious antiques, we will treat your move with care.

Professional Couch Movers

Getting a new couch is an exciting moment, but how do you get it into your home? An inexperienced person trying to maneuver a large object through hallways, up stairs, and around corners can damage the couch, your home, or themselves. Our movers are certified Promovers by the American Moving and Storage Association. They have the training necessary to get any moving job done right, whether it is moving the contents of a house or just one couch.

Furniture Moving Near Me

Contact us to get a free quote from the best furniture moving services near me. Our moving experts can counsel you on what services would be most helpful you, and how to proceed with your move. From full service moves that include packing and unpacking, to truck rentals, storage, professional furniture movers, and more. We have you covered.