How to Pack Clothes for Moving?

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Machaela Casey
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Place hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes and put foldable garments in boxes. Remember to pack a suitcase to keep with you containing enough clothes to last until your belongings arrive from the movers.

How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving

Wardrobe boxes with clothes and other things prepared for house moving in room

The best way to pack hanging clothes for moving is to use a wardrobe box. This is a special cardboard box with a metal rod across the top to hang things up. This way, your more delicate clothes will not get wrinkled or damaged. Setting up a wardrobe box is very easy. First, tape the bottom together. Make sure to tape along the middle seam as well as the outer edges for extra security. Then, press in the flaps for your clothes rail before snapping it into place. The wardrobe box has a large front flap to allow you to easily put your clothes inside and hang them up. You can also put shoes or accessories on the bottom of the box.

How to Pack Folded Clothes for Moving

You can pack most of your folded clothing in cardboard boxes, suitcases, and duffel bags. You can also use vacuum bags to compress bulky garments and make more space for all your clothes in the moving process. Depending on the moving company you go with, you may even be able to leave folded clothes inside of dresser drawers. Some companies allow this and others don’t, so make sure to check before leaving them in there on moving day.

Best Way to Pack Up Clothes When Moving

The absolute easiest way to pack clothes to move is to book a full-service move. That means our team will come to your house, pack everything up, and move it for you. Then you will not have to worry about this aspect of the move. Once it is at storage we will move your items into the space. We will figure out the best way to fill it up so you don’t have to.

Otherwise, we can just do the loading, driving, and unloading, in addition to arranging your storage space.

Whether you are a college student looking for seasonal storage, or someone who needs storage for a whole home during a moving transition, we can help with your moving and storage needs. Contact us to get a free quote. Our moving and storage experts are waiting for you.