How To Pack Glasses For Moving

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Machaela Casey
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Have the Right Supplies

Moving Supplies for Fragile Items

packed glasses

When thinking about the best way to pack glasses for moving, start with the right supplies.  To begin, you’ll need sturdy boxes.  A regular cardboard box will do, or you can purchase dish boxes, a cardboard box with thicker walls and a re-enforced bottom.  You’ll also need insulating materials, like plain packing paper, newspaper, and bubble wrap.  To secure items within the box itself, use a cell box (also called a cell pack), a box insert consisting of thin cardboard dividers specifically sized to fit within a larger box. This will help keep your items separate and secure during transport.  You’ll need packing tape to seal your boxes.  And finally, you must have a red permanent marker to label your cargo as fragile.

Take Inventory

Gather all of the glassware and stemware in your home, and present it in one place for inspection.  Discard, donate, or recycle any glasses that are unwanted, chipped, stained, or cracked.  Why move items that are damaged or unused?  Wash and dry all that remains. That way, when you arrive at your new location, all of your pieces will be ready to use.  Then, organize your items for packing by category, size, and shape.  Group heavy items, like coffee mugs, together.  Sort delicate items, like wine glasses, into another group.  Now you’re ready to begin packing.

Prepare Your Materials

Use a large, flat surface, like a dining room table, as your packing station.   Lay your packing paper and bubble wrap in two separate piles.  Take your newspaper, and sheet by sheet, crumple it into loose balls.  Wash your hands (the ink from the newspaper will leave residue).  Take a box, and cover the bottom of the box with a 3–4-inch layer of balled up newspaper.  Then, start filling the box.

How to Pack Glassware

Place similar items—coffee mugs, tumblers, or fine china teacups—together for packing within the same box.  Loosely stuff the inside of each item with a ball of newspaper. Then, wrap each piece with double pieces of packing paper.  To do this, lay the item on the corner of the stack of packing papers, and roll it up in 2-3 sheets of paper, tucking in the excess paper as you roll.  Place items rim side down in the box, filling in empty spaces with bubble wrap or newspaper. Place two layers of bubble wrap in between each layer of glasses.  Leave 3-4 inches at the top of the box to pad with newspaper for extra cushioning.

How to Pack Wine Glasses

Prepare the box like above, but place a cell box on top of your bottom newspaper layer.  Stuff each glass with a ball of newspaper.  Then, carefully package each piece, making sure to wrap the paper around the stem of each glass.  For extra protection, roll each paper-wrapped item in a piece of bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Take each bubble-wrapped package and gently place it in the cell box.  For extra security, you might want to double box these items.  Completely pack your glasses within a dish box and then place this box within a larger moving box, insulated with additional layers of packing paper and bubble wrap in between the two boxes.

Secure Your Boxes

The last thing to do is to re-enforce your box and label it for movers.  Add extra layers of tape to the bottom of the box. Make sure that when you close the top of the box, you are not crunching items together. You should have a solid cushion of packing in between the top of the box and the contents within.  Seal the box with tape, and gently shake it.  If you hear items rattling around, open the box and add more newspaper or bubble wrap for insulation.  Finally, use your red marker to label your contents as fragile in capital letters on the top and sides of the box (we like red—it stands out) and draw a large arrow to show what side is up.

Hire Professional Packers and Movers

Seem like a lot of work?  We can help.  At Nelson Westerberg, we’ve been in the moving business for over one hundred years. We’ve moved everything from champagne flutes to beer mug collections to wine cellars. We know how to pack glasses for moving.  So, give us a call today. We have the materials and the expertise to securely pack and move your breakable, delicate items.