Are There Moving Companies That Pack That For You? Yes, And It’s Money Well Spent

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Machaela Casey
Moving Companies that Pack for you with two men Packing a Rug

How Professional Packers Help You Move (And What You Can Do To Get Ready)

The Perfect Move:  And Do Moving Companies Pack for you?

When you imagine the perfect move, select images may flash through your mind. Snapping a quick family picture in front of the “Sold” sign.  Opening the door to your new home and your new future. Sounds pretty great. But wait.  Are there moving companies that pack for you in your dream?

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Moving and Packing: What You Don’t Imagine (Or Don’t Want To)

Reality might paint a different picture. Motivating yourself and your family members to pack and move everything. Finding the right packing materials. The actual packing. For days. Only to have to run out to get more materials.

The Solution:  Search for Professional Packers Near Me

Without a doubt, moving and packing is a tedious job. And, if you pack boxes incorrectly, you can even end up with damaged or broken items. What to do? Like anything, Google it! Search “professional packers near me” or “packing and moving companies near me.”

Find Movers That Pack For You and Everything In Your Home

It sounds too good to be true. It will cost extra. But, movers packing for you will save you a whole lot of time and a whole lot of stress. Select moving companies do provide full packing (and unpacking) services.

For an additional fee, you can hire a small team of professional packers near you to come to your home, move through each room from the attic to the basement, and pack up every single item that you own, down to the last pencil. 

Moving Companies That Pack for You Should Be Professionals

Professional movers have the experience and the supplies to get the job done right. Many packers have been working in the industry for years. Plus, packers will bring all of the necessary supplies right to you. Yes, they will supply the standard-sized sturdy boxes. But, they’ll also bring specialty boxes for electronics, wardrobe items, and glassware. And, they’ll supply all of the extras to secure your items for safe transport: packing tape, bubble wrap, and cardboard inserts for glassware boxes. 


Take care of a few practical details before the packers arrive to make the process go more smoothly. 

  1. Make a plan for your pets. Strangers in the house, loud, unfamiliar noises, and the absence of their daily routine…it can be overwhelming for your furry friend. If possible, take your pet to a new location before the packers arrive. If that won’t work, find an empty, dedicated space in your home for your pet to remain while the packers work. Leave your pet with food and water, close the door, and tell the packers to steer clear of this space. 
  1. Buy any necessary insurance. Moving companies will not insure your boxes beyond the standard released value insurance rate (.60/lb). If you have antiques or other high value items that will be packed, research the right insurance plan for you. Having this important detail taken care of before packers arrive will give you peace of mind.
  1. Dispose of anything that packers won’t pack. This list varies by company, but typically includes perishable items, hazardous waste material, and plants.
  1. Inventory and organize items within your home to prepare your home for professional packers. 
  1. Clear a path. Remove anything on the walls-clocks, paintings, mirrors-that might get in the way of the packers.


Your packing team will arrive, usually in a small group of 3-4 movers. They’ll put down protective coverings to protect your flooring from damage and natural elements. They’ll come equipped with all required and specialty supplies needed to do the job. Then comes the best part: they’ll methodically move through each room of your house, securely packing every item. We suggest staying at home to oversee the process and answer any questions.


At Nelson Westerberg, we have the professional packers to pack (and unpack) your entire home. Our packers are ProMover certified, meaning they have the knowledge and expertise to move your items safely and efficiently. Not only do we have the packers for interstate moves as well as long distance movers and packers, but we know the moving industry. We’ve been in business for over 100 years. So, whether you’re moving across the street or across the nation, we have the equipment and the people to get the job done right.