Moving Out of State? Movers Help.

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Machaela Casey

State to State Movers & Beyond

If you’re thinking about moving to another state, you’ve got a lot to consider. Whether you’re transporting household goods or your entire office building, moving from state to state is a big job. To do it right, you must make sure to do a few key things.

First, you’ll need properly certified vehicles. And, for a long-distance move, you’ll most likely need extra special services. Before you pack one box, check out our tips for moving out of state and for finding the best out of state movers.

1.   Hire a Moving Company

Traffic moving across America on interstate I-10

 The cost of moving out of state can be significant. When thinking about budget, it might be tempting to try and do the move yourself. Don’t make this mistake. Moving to a new state can be stressful.

With a DIY move, all of that stress goes right on your back. Instead, hire a moving company to do all of the heavy lifting for you. The best out of state moving companies will have the trucks, equipment, and workers to get the job done right.

No matter the size of your move, you will want to ensure you look at professional moving companies state to state where the company offers top customer service and shows a top level of moving experience with at least a few years of experience and reputable online reviews.

Since this is not just a local move, you will want to look for long distance movers and do a proper search of the best in the moving industry who are fully equipped with the right kinds of moving trucks to handle a longer trip with your precious things.

One of the most important things you will want when you look for the best out of state movers is to make sure you receive accurate moving estimates from each and every mover you vet. Make sure the company provides you with a binding estimate when you ask for a moving quote so you can lock in a fair price. This will help you get the best long distance moving quote.

2.   Verify Your Cross State Movers

Did you know that to move goods across state lines you need to have properly licensed vehicles? Make sure that the company you choose is registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and the USDOT (US Department of Transportation). This will ensure that the vehicles used to transport your goods are licensed, insured, and legally operated. You absolutely want to make sure that the company moving your possessions is rightfully equipped to do so.

Are you moving long distance and out of the United States? It will be even more important to look for certification and verify the company if you are looking at international van lines.

3.    Look for Services that You Need

Moving isn’t just about loading and unloading boxes onto a truck. A big move often comes with some big challenges. Determine what your move will require, and then find the best moving company to meet those requirements.

For example, consider how you will transport your vehicles-automobiles, boats, or ATVs. You may need a separate shipping service for those items. Or, you may need to safely secure certain items in a warehouse or may need to move your things into moving and storage out of state because your new home may not be ready yet. The right moving company will be able to offer select shipping and storage solutions, among other services.

4.   Look for Services That You Want

 Did you know that many movers offer additional services to make your move easier? For example, top movers offer full service moves and do packing services, unpack your items and even provide cleaning services in addition to the transportation of goods. Quality movers can easily disassemble and reassemble your furniture and appliances. The top companies can take care of all of this for you, and more.

Get Started on that Moving Out of State Checklist

 If you’re overwhelmed just thinking about how to move out of state, take a deep breath. Then, contact us, an expert on how to move to a different state, and that’s why we’ve created our own moving to another state checklist. At Nelson Westerberg, we have the equipment, the trucks, and a complete and full list of services to meet all of your moving needs. We can move you to another state or even across the country and internationally.

No matter where you need to go, we’ll get you to your new home safely and efficiently. So don’t wait for moving day to come to get the right help for your move!