Moving Safely During Coronavirus

Written By

Machaela Casey

During these times one of the most popular questions we get from our customer is “Can I move during the Coronavirus ?”  People have many reasons they need to make a move from one household to another.  That is one thing that didn’t change with the pandemic.  Moving during the coronavirus is still happening.    

Essential Services

Moving Services are classified among the essential services, so, we can continue to provide moving services.  Initially, when the New York area was struggling to get control of the virus, our New Jersey office was restricting moving services.  However, all of our offices are fully operating now.  We continue to monitor the infection rates in areas and will follow local officials in order to help do our part.

Am I Safe To Move During The Coronavirus ?

The answer is not as simple as a yes or no.  Moving trucks and moving equipment are disinfected between shipments.  Our moving crews are wearing masks and practicing good hygiene by washing their hands frequently throughout each day.  Even with these steps, the fact is that we are in the home, sometimes all day, touching things.  The best way each customer can stay safe, and to keep our crew safe, is to limit their in person interaction with each crew member.  As few family members as possible should be at the home during the move.  If the weather is nice, consider staying outside while the crew is in the home packing.  And of course, everyone, even the customer should wear a mask.

Health And Safety For Everyone

The health of our staff is a top priority.  Our moving services are both local and long distance (interstate.)  We are making a commitment to keep everyone safe by monitoring the health of our drivers who travel all over the country as well as our local crews that have in-person interaction with our customers.  That is our first line of defense – keeping sick people home and away from other workers and customers.