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Maybe you purchased a custom-made couch on vacation that needs to find its way home.  Perhaps you want to send your favorite ergonomic desk chair to your new office overseas. Or, you’ve inherited a precious antique that needs to make a cross-country move. No matter the case, shipping furniture requires special attention.  Make sure that the company you choose to do the job can deliver your cargo in a timely, effective manner.

Transparent Pricing

To start, make sure that the company that you choose is clear about the cost of transporting your goods.  Know how the price is calculated and what is included.  Most prices are determined by the weight and size of the load in addition to the distance the goods will travel.  Depending on the size and scope of the move, additional fees might be added.  For example, if you’re moving internationally, you will need to pay additional taxes on your items. Also, if you’re moving antiques, you may want to purchase a special insurance plan.

Furniture Shipping Services

Evaluate your shipment to determine what resources you may need to make the move a success. Disassembly of pieces?  Packing help?  Custom crating? Antiques and other delicate items may require individualized care.  Be sure to research how companies will care for these special items.  Are you packing goods yourself?  For a fee, some companies will pack for you.  Who will pick up your cargo, and when?  Will they reassemble it after delivery?  Will they leave your package on your front porch or unwrap it and move it into a specific space? These are all things to consider when planning a shipment.

Strong Support Network

Make sure that the company that you choose offers whatever extra support you need during your cargo move.  For example, if your furniture is moving before you’re ready to receive it, make sure that the company you select offers storage and warehousing options to keep your goods secure.  Also, if you’re moving internationally, make sure your company can navigate your order easily through customs.  Finally, be certain that the company that you pick to ship your furniture uses quality movers. You don’t want just anyone packing your family heirloom or moving your grand piano up five flights of stairs. You want professional movers with the training and techniques to do the job right.

Let Us Help You

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