The Global Mobility Guide to Success

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Machaela Casey
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Modern Mobility Challenges

There are many international mobility models, and the needs of multi-nationals with a global workforce will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the company, their global footprint, company culture/vision, and number of assignees. However, they all have one thing in common. They all want their employees to hit the ground running, with as little disruption as possible.


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The household goods move is only one piece of the overall global assignment. However, there are few parts of the relocation process more personal or impactful than moving the family home. If it goes well, the relocating employee transitions smoothly with minimal downtime. If it goes poorly, it stresses not only the employee, but in many instances the whole family, and detracts greatly from the employee experience with regards to their assignment, and productivity goals of the company. Not to mention the time and resources of the employer’s global mobility team spent resolving issues.


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The right international moving partner can provide comfort and assurance to relocating families, knowing their personal effects are inexperienced and capable hands. The moving crews at origin and destination will in many cases spend days with the relocating family. Dedicated internationally trained crews are key to ensuring shipments arrive safely, and that crews are culturally sensitive and aware.


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The Westerberg Companies has specialized in corporate global relocation for more than 30 years. Our crews receive regular training specific to the demands of global logistics and mobility and are independently audited yearly to ensure our quality standards are upheld. Our global partners must follow those same standards to ensure consistency across our supply chain.

Whether deciding to outsource responsibility for mobility functions to an RMC (Relocation Management Company), or control the process in-house, choosing the right moving partner can be key to the success of your overall program by helping provide outstanding employee experience.