What Cross State Movers Do

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Machaela Casey

What to Know When Moving Across State

When you are moving across a whole state there are a lot of things to consider. These types of moves are generally more long-distance than a move within the same town, which why you need to hire cross state movers. They are specialists in moving over longer distances.

What’s Involved in a Move Across State

When choosing a cross state moving company you will first want to understand what is involved in a cross state move. Organizing a move over a longer distance does take more logistical planning. However, it is important to note that some states, like Rhode Island or Connecticut, are pretty small, so a cross-state move is not likely to be a huge ordeal there. However, if you are moving from one side of Texas to another, or from the northern tip of California to the southern border, you will be in for a very long trek.

Hiring Cross State Moving Companies VS. Local Moving Companies

Cross state movers know what to plan for. They know how to pack your items into the truck so that they will be safe and secure over a longer distance. Of course, local movers also do this, but extra care must be taken when moving across larger states due to more potential bumps in the road and fast highway speeds. Just remember, sometimes the cheapest way to move across states isn’t the best way. For many, it is worth it to get extra security for their long-distance move. But, if you are looking to save money there are ways to do so.

The cheapest way to move across the state is to do everything yourself and just rent a truck. However, most people don’t have the know-how to do that. It’s better to hire interstate movers and long distance movers like us to get the job done for you. That way you can save yourself a potential back injury or broken item that you will just have to spend more on to replace anyways.

Our movers have all the proper licensure and are even certified ProMovers. We know what it takes to have a successful move across the state. Even so, here is a moving across states checklist you can follow for long-distance moves.

  • Always keep important documents on your person throughout the move so they don’t get lost.
  • Keep a suitcase with a few days of clothes, medications, and toiletries with you as well.
  • Book the movers a few months in advance.
  • Go for a full-service move. With the included packing and unpacking service your move will be less stressful.
  • Learn about laws & regulations in your new town before you get there.

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