What is an Interstate Moving Company?

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Machaela Casey
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All About State to State Moves

A move between two states is also called an interstate move. Interstate moving companies are the ones that handle these types of deliveries. Some moving companies tend to focus on local moves versus long distance ones. So, if you need to move to a new state, you will want to make sure that your chosen moving company can perform that type of move.

Interstate Moving Company Ratings

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One of the best ways to find a top company for your state to state move is to read their reviews, testimonials, and ratings. Many companies have this available on their website. You can also read third party reviews on different websites to get an idea of what all types of people have to say about the business. Most review sites use a five-star rating system to make it easy to determine the overall rating of a business.

Interstate Moving Quotes

When you are searching, get several different quotes from different companies. Then you can compare each option based on the price and the services offered. The cost of an interstate move varies according to several factors including the size of the home or office, whether any speciality items are included, the distance of the move, and the day and time of year, as well as the services included. Larger and longer moves generally cost more than smaller and shorter ones. Speciality moves including cars, breakables, or antique heirlooms that require extra care may also incur extra costs. Sometimes the timing of the move can affect the price, as certain days of the week and times of year are more in demand. Getting the best long distance moving quotes help you to find the services that match your budget.

Best Rated Interstate Moving Companies

The top moving companies have trustworthy and reliable moving teams. We vet all of our employees through background checks and drug testing, and all of our teams are certified ProMovers by the American Moving and Storage Association. They have the know how to not only keep your belongings safe, but to also keep you and your family safe and healthy. Due to COVID-19, we offer contactless quotes and follow all recommended health and sanitization procedures.

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