What is Relocation Assistance?

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Machaela Casey

Answer:  Relocation assistance occurs when a company helps employees move to a new location for work and usually includes moving costs, accomodation, and travel expenses.

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Relocation assistance is a type of business benefit offered to employees who need to move to a new location for business reasons. Typically, the company will provide employees with accommodation arragements and travel expenses and reimburse all or most of the costs associated with the move (either in the form of cash or tax incentives).

Corporate relocation services will expedite this process by moving furniture and valuables and arranging for transportation for employees, who might travel to their new location by air, sea, road, or rail.

Relocation assistance varies in scope, depending on the employer and the circumstances. Many employees wonder what is included in relocation assistance, and they need to communicate their thoughts or concerns to their employer. In most cases, a company might help an employee sell his or her home and find a place to live in the new location. In addition, the company will work closely with a corporate relocation service in order to streamline this process.

Moving companies themselves offer a wide range of relocation assistance services, such as packing items and unpacking them at the other end, keeping items in storage, and preparing the documents needed for the move.

They can also arrange for insurance for high-value items.

Employees who are moving to another location for work might want to think about the following questions:

  • What is financial relocation assistance?
  • What is provided in relocation assistance?
  • What is included in a job relocation package?
  • What is tax assistance for relocation?
  • What can relocation assistance entail?

Some employees might want to start negotiating a relocation package if they feel they are not receiving enough benefits. Negotiating your relocation assistance can help the employer and employee facilitate the moving process.

Relocation assistance example

A company that specializes in clothing wants its management team to move to another office in another city. The company prepares a relocation assistance package, which reimburses these employees’ moving costs, travel expenses, and other fees.

The clothing company then contacts a moving service to handle all the aspects of the move, such as packing and unpacking belongings, transporting items via road, and keeping unneeded valuables in storage.