What is White Glove Moving Service?

Written By

Machaela Casey

When you need moving done with a special touch, and extra care taken, you want a white glove moving service. Although these white glove movers may or may not actually wear white gloves, the name of the service refers to the white cotton gloves that movers used to wear to keep delicate items clean and free of fingerprints. With advancements in technology, cotton gloves aren’t actually useful anymore. Compared to the purple or blue disposable nitrile gloves that are now available, cotton gloves are too slippery. Plus, white gloves get dirty easily! Even though the gloves are a different color, the service is still the same. White glove service is for moving and delivery of fragile items, or anything that requires extra care.

Full Service: White Glove Moving & Storage

When you want this level of moving service, you may only need it for one or two items. However, some of our clients prefer for the entire move to be done this way. That’s because they don’t want to pick and choose which items should receive special care. So they book our white glove moving and storage from beginning to end. We offer packing, moving, and storage options with high-quality service. When you book us for this, we will go the extra mile and do things like strap your items down securely in the moving truck, ensure everything is packed extremely well and overall take the same level care that you would with your items.

Another way white glove service goes the extra mile is that we often do more than just deliver. We may install the items in their new home, or deliver a delicate item to an indoor location instead of just leaving it out on the porch like a normal package. Why would you want this? Well, packages get stolen all the time, and you don’t want your appliance or family heirloom to get carted away before you even get the chance to use it!

The Difference

When you book normal moving services, it’s not that we are not attentive. It’s merely that we need to know if you want this extra level of service that leads to satisfaction in moving specialized and delicate items. If you’re just moving a couch and some books, you may not need white glove service. However, if you’re moving an entire home’s worth of items, including art, breakables, and family heirlooms, then you should definitely consider booking us for this top service.

Our white glove service includes experienced team members, any paperwork or documentation needed for specialty items, and more. Please contact us to inquire for more information about this service.