Helpful Tips to Find Moving Boxes. Where to Get Them Cheap or Free.

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Machaela Casey
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Where to Find (Free) Boxes For Moving

When you are preparing to move, one of the most important things you will need are moving boxes. This is a very basic moving supply that makes it easier to get your belongings from one place to another. Whether you’re moving near or far, one thing is certain: cardboard boxes are an essential part of packing up your house. ou’ll need cardboard moving boxes. And lots of them.

A variety of different sized open moving boxes on the floor.Cardboard Boxes: The Perfect Moving Supply

Did you know that cardboard boxes haven’t been around forever? In fact, cardboard has only been used as a packing material since 1817 when it was developed as a way to safely protect hats for transportation and distribution.

Since then, cardboard has become the main material used to create moving boxes. Cardboard is light yet durable-the perfect material to package and transport light to medium weight shipments. So, if you’re moving your home or office, you will most certainly need to find plenty of cardboard boxes.

And, you’ll need boxes of all sizes and types. You’ll need small, medium, and large sized boxes. Don’t forget your specialty boxes, either. To avoid damage to items, you’ll need to purchase specially designed boxes for certain items. For example, you’ll need glassware, wardrobe, telescope boxes, and more.

Purchasing all of these boxes can certainly be expensive. But, the right boxes will protect your goods from damage along the way. How do you find the right boxes? Or, even better: how do you find the right boxes for free?

Is it Worth It to Buy Moving Boxes? Pay for the Key Boxes

We always recommend buying boxes brand new for your specialty items. Certain items, like antiques, furniture, or flat screen TVs need to be packed carefully to avoid damage. The best way to ensure safety during transport is using the right boxes for the job.

For example, pack flat screen TVs in a telescope box. This type of box has a top portion that slides over the bottom portion containing the tv. This box is designed to specifically to protect flat screens from damage. Buying a new box for this type of item makes sense. You don’t want to risk damage using the wrong box (or by using an old one)

The same idea applies to boxes needed for plates and glasses. Boxes designed to protect glassware usually contain re-enforced sides as well as cardboard inserts to prevent the contents inside from touching. It’s worth it to pay full price to get these boxes new. For your fragile and delicate items, you don’t want to risk using a used box.

Consult with Experts

Plus, when you purchase these special boxes, you will most likely be buying them directly from a moving company. This will give you the chance to talk to a moving specialist who can help you estimate just how many you will need to successfully complete your move. You can describe to them how many rooms you have, what types of items you own, and any special packing needs you have. With expert advice about new boxes (and how to pack them just right) you will not be stuck on moving day.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Boxes for Moving? Find Used Boxes

If you’re wondering where to get boxes for moving, we have answers. For everyday items, like books, clothes, and kitchenware, it’s perfectly ok to source used boxes. Make sure that they are still in adequate condition to move your goods. Make sure any box you acquire for moving is stable. Check for obvious holes or tears. In addition, look for signs of water or mold damage. If any box has this type of damage, it’s probably unusable.

If you want to get more affordable moving boxes, there are other ways to procure them. For example, you can ask friends if they have any used ones laying around at home. With the increase in online purchases, people frequently have extras ready for the recycling bin.

Where Can I Get Free Boxes for Moving?

Wondering where to get moving boxes free? For Free Boxes, Search Social Media, as the best place is online. Search local neighborhood groups on Facebook or Reddit. Neighbors who have recently moved often offer used boxes for free with pickup. Or, you can simply ask. Reach out to your network. Let your connections know that you need free moving boxes. Even if your friends don’t have any, they might know where you can get some for free.

In addition, you can check neighborhood stores for different sized boxes. Often, stores will be happy to let you have boxes for free-then they don’t have to do the work to recycle them. Call ahead to ask when they receive their deliveries. That will probably be the best time to grab your free boxes.

Grocery stores and liquor stores can be great for small to medium sized boxes. However, the downside to using pre-used boxes is that they may be weak or damaged from previous use. Also, know that you may not be able to use boxes that once held fresh food to keep items in storage. Be sure to ask your storage company about the types of boxes they allow for storage.

Try furniture stores for larger boxes. Boxes that once held furniture can be great for transporting lightweight, bulky items, like bedding or towels. In addition, office supply stores may have used bankers’ boxes that you can have. These cardboard boxes come with a lift-off top and cut out handles on the sides. Bankers’ boxes are great for holding documents and office supplies. Plus, they’re easy to carry and stack-perfect for organizing items.

The Best Place to Buy Cardboard Boxes

You can buy them from the moving company you are working with. At Nelson Westerberg, we sell new moving boxes to our customers who require them. Additionally, when you book us for a full-service move that includes a packing service, all packaging materials are included.

When you book this service, you don’t have to think twice about what types of boxes or how many of each size you will need. Everything is included and you can focus on the other details of your move.

What Else Will I Need to Pack the Boxes? Don’t Forget Other Materials

Moving boxes are just one item you will need to pack your goods. You will also need bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, scissors, specialty boxes, and more. Make sure that when you purchase your moving supplies, you get everything you will need.

Our Process for Packing, Moving Boxes and More.

At Nelson Westerberg, we know the ins and outs of household moving, so we can help with packing boxes, moving your boxes, and more. We’re experts in both local and long distance moving. So we have the packing tips and resources you need – whether you hire a moving company or you’re planning on moving yourself. In addition, we can help you find the right storage solution for your specific needs.

As a full-service moving company, we have the equipment, trucks, and boxes to move you right. We can even provide you with packers and unpackers to do all of the hard work for you.

Contact us today to talk to a moving specialist to find out what type of moving supplies you may need! We’re standing by ready to answer all of your packing-and moving- questions.