Packers and Unpackers

Packing and unpacking services can make a big difference for a home move. What are these services? Keep reading to find out.

Packers And Movers Bring It All

When you hire this service, the professional team will show up with everything needed to do the job. You will not need to get any boxes, plastic wrap, moving boxes, or tape. They will also come with some types of specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes and boxes for televisions. Sometimes, you may need to let the moving team know about specialty items to make sure that they have the correct items.

They will also come with all of the supplies needed to move the items. Dollies, moving straps, and other tools of the trade will help the movers get all of the packed goods where they need to go very efficiently.

Packing Services Mean Full Service

A full-service move includes packing, moving, and unpacking services. The moving team will also load and unload the truck. People like these services because it allows them to focus on other details of the move. It also lets them take care of their families, focus on work, or focus on the details of selling or buying a home. Moving can be a hassle, so some people prefer to hire professionals to get every detail just right. Imagine showing up at your new home with everything already all unpacked!

How Long Do Packing And Moving Companies Take?

The time it takes a packing moving company to pack up varies. It depends on the size of your home. It can take up to 5 hours for a home that is 2 bedrooms or less. It can take up to 12 hours for a home that is larger than 3 bedrooms.

Detail Oriented Unpacking Service

When unpacking, we know that our clients may want things a certain way. Just let us know your preferences for unpacking and organization and we will get it done the way you want. That way, when you show up, everything will be just how you want it in your new home.

Packers And Movers Cost

The cost of professional local packers and movers can vary depending on the size of the job. A smaller home move costs less to pack and unpack than a larger one. You should expect to pay each team member an hourly rate. Most packing and moving companies also have a flat fee included for the equipment and supplies provided. Make sure to have some cash on hand to tip at the end of the day!

One thing you should always do, even if you hire a packing and unpacking team, is keep important and priceless items with you in the moving process. This may include large amounts of cash, precious jewelry, family heirlooms, and official documents. You should also keep prescription medications with you. Consider bringing a change of clothes as well.

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