What is a Personal Relocation Consultant?

Written By

Machaela Casey

When developing your business’s corporate relocation strategy, consider using a personal relocation consultant to offer a unique and specialized service for employee relocations.

Relocation Consultants Defined

The services offered by an office relocation consultant will vary widely depending on the needs of the client. They will usually start with a short interview, often performed on the phone or via e-mail, to find out everything about the move. Details like budget, family size, and even personal style are a consideration. The following are some things they can assist with.

Sell Current Home

First, they will help your employee sell their home whether that means coordinating with a local real estate agent or assisting with home staging and showings. They make the home selling process more smooth, allowing an employee to transition more quickly.

Find New Home

When moving to a new town, state, or country, it is hard to know the lay of the land. A relocation specialist will help figure out the best neighborhood to buy a new home that is within the budget, and to the taste of the family. They may even help the family get acclimated to the new area by organizing exploration trips to see local sites and attractions before helping with the purchase of a home.

Packing & Moving

While office relocation consultants are not likely to actually do the physical labor of packing and moving, they will usually organize these services for the person relocating. They have rosters of trustworthy teams who will pack everything up, move it safely, and even unpack it and set everything up upon arrival.

The Paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in relocation. A personal moving specialist will help the family enroll the kids in school, make sure the dog is registered properly, and help with proper ID and vehicle registration. With international moves, they will also help secure visas and other necessary paperwork.

Why Use a Relocation Consultant?

The number one reason why businesses use personal relocation services is that it helps employees get back to work faster after a move. If the employee has to handle too many details themselves, they will be preoccupied and not able to focus on the job at hand. If everything is already taken care of, then it is easy to simply move and get to work.

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