Corporate Relocation Strategy at The Highest Level

Business woman explaining corporate relocation strategy

If you want to move an employee and their family to a new location, we have the skills, experience, and staff to make it all happen. Together, our corporate movers will create a corporate relocation strategy that serves your business requirements and aligns with your mobility goals — one that’s based on trust and long-term efficiency.  We work seamlessly within the partner space your define, directly with you or through your RMC (Relocation Management Company).

A Corporate Relocation Strategy That Benefits Your Employees

Our corporate relocation plan will incorporate the needs of your workforce — employees accustomed to quality, timely delivery and one-click transactions. As your trusted moving partner, we draw on our 60 years of corporate relocation experience and utilize contemporary transportation methods that speed up the process. As a result, we add measured value to your talent mobility goals.

A Corporate Relocation Strategy That Incorporates the Latest Technology

The latest technology will fuels our corporate moving and storage strategy, especially so the growing lump sum policy tier. We make logistics decisions based on individual shipment needs: wrapping, packing and transporting your belongings in the safest, fastest possible timeframe, while our move management database optimizes the entire relocation process. We use technology to provide you with a more responsive service, dashboards to track our performance to your quality and cost goals.

A Strategy That Meets Your Objectives

Our strategy will incorporate service level agreements that will meet your corporate relocation objectives. Providing you with a speedy service is critical to us, and we can adapt our services for your evolving, diversified workforce. We take into account the unique needs of every one of your employees.  We are driven by employee experience.  We expect to contribute to your overriding talent goal- competitive advantage.

A Strategy That Innovates and Evolves

Founded in 1904, Nelson Westerberg continuously adapts to meet the needs of an ever-changing and increasingly mobile workforce. From drivers, customs brokers to supply all chain partners; Nelson Westerberg owns responsibility for all service delivery, optimizing responsiveness and cost efficiency. Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement support why some of our clients have worked with us for up to 45 years and longer-earned trust.

A Strategy Based on Customization

We have served more than 100 Fortune 1000 companies, but no two of our clients have been the same. That’s why we incorporate customization into our corporate relocation strategy and provide you with flexibility, efficiency, agreed to Service Level Agreements, and options based on your individual requirements and policies.

A Strategy That Promotes Excellent Customer Service

We take customer service seriously. We always have. Over the past 110 years, our Corporate Movers adapted to the needs of each of our customers and clients by using the right communication methods.

A Strategy That Draws From Our Financial Strength

Our financial strength and cost-effectiveness allows us to invest in new technology, tools, and training, and grow our company. Our investment in people, processes, and facilities helps us achieve your relocation goals and deliver a first-class service to your employees.

A Strategy With a Global Focus

Our networks and partnerships across the world maintain our global perspective. As a result, we can improve global mobility and relocate your employees and belongings to locations across Europe, South America, Asia, and other key international destinations. This global perspective improves our client relationships.

A Strategy That Is Fully Accountable

We are transparent about everything we do, from our prices to our delivery methods. Our Commercial Movers achieve high standards consistently, and they are fully accountable.

A Strategy That Is Scalable

We can scale our customer relocation strategies up or down, based on your unique needs. We have worked with mid-tier, regional, and multinational corporations, including Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 clients, and can adapt to your niche and the size and scope of your business.

Together, we can create a company relocation strategy based on your needs. We will listen to your objectives, work with our partners across the world to achieve these objectives, adapt to the latest global mobility trends, and use innovative solutions to solve your problems. We will also align this strategy with your talent strategies, so you can retain your top talent when relocating from or any other location.