What Is A Relocation Moving Service?

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Machaela Casey
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A relocation moving service is one that helps you relocate to a new area. This is usually done as part of a move for work-related reasons.


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As an employer, your teams may have to move around a bit throughout their tenure with your company. Many businesses foot the bill of corporate moves as a benefit to employees, and as a way to thank them for rearranging their lives to work for the business in a new location. Offering moving and relocation services is not only a way to retain amazing talent, it’s also a way to attract new talent, especially at the corporate level. What do these services include?

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Customs support for international moves

Some relocation packages that go above and beyond also include help with buying or selling a home, including house hunting, help with breaking a lease, and even coaching about cultural customs in the new location. Each package offered can be tailored to your business’s needs.


In large corporations, HR is usually involved in setting up corporate relationships from the start. They are often the team that helps to identify which employees might be good candidates for moving to a new location. They also help to manage corporate relocation policies and vendors, to ensure that all moves stay in line with the company’s desires. However, other departments at your company may also be involved, like the legal department, which may help with immigration issues and taxes.


When your company is making these policies, you need to consider that you will typically have different tiers of employees involved in the program. You will have young, new employees, manager level employees, and executives. You may decide to create different budgets and relocation policies based on how long an employee has been with your company or their rank within the business. Make sure to make the policies clear, including payback clauses, which detail how much of the moving package your employee will need to pay back if they leave the company before a certain time period is up.


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