How To Get the Best Long Distance Moving Quotes

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How to Find Long Distance Moving Quote That Fits Your Budget

You’re planning a big move. And, you know that moving your family, your home, or your business can be expensive. To budget for your move, you will need long distance moving quotes that are both accurate and affordable.

You’ll soon see that there is no average cost. Each quote depends on the moving experience and whether you are looking at a simple move or need extra services that would be included in full services moves.

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Before you start budgeting for your move, there are a few things to know. Don’t search for the best long distance moving companies until you understand what you actually need.

First, make sure that the company you’re researching offers moving services for interstate moves. An interstate move is any move that crosses a state boundary, regardless of miles travelled. If your moving outside of the country, you will want to search for international moves.

Long distance moving companies are companies that are licensed to travel across state lines and thus can handle more than just local moves. These moving companies are regulated by the US Department of Transportation and by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Interstate moving companies calculate their quotes based on cargo weight and distance travelled. Long distance moving quotes may also include any additional services that you request to support your move, like packing and unpacking.

Understand Your Estimate: Non-Binding or Binding

There are three different types of moving estimates, and each type varies in accuracy. It’s important to know the particulars about each type of estimate. That way, you can understand how and why your estimated price may differ from your final cost.

Non-binding estimate: This quote is based on what the mover believes will be the final cost based on past experience. These estimates are usually accurate but are subject to change. The final cost is determined by the weight of your cargo and any accessorial services that you choose. You may end up paying more or less than the amount originally quoted.

Binding estimate: This estimate guarantees the final price of a move. A binding estimate includes an approximate guess of the weight of the cargo as well as the specific pricing for any extra services that you may request. This type of estimate is given only after an in-person assessment of the total inventory.

With this kind of estimate, you will never pay a higher amount than the quoted price. Nut, if the shipment ends up weighting less than the estimate. you will still have to pay the original quoted price.

Understand Your Estimate: Binding Not-to-Exceed

Binding Not-to-Exceed is also called a Guaranteed Not-to-Exceed Estimate. This estimate presents the maximum amount the customer will be required to pay, even if the weight of a shipment exceeds the original quote.

However, if the shipment weighs less than the initial quote, you will only be required to pay the cost of shipping the additional weight. This type of estimate is the most flexible option and typically the most popular with consumers.

What’s Included in Your Long Distance Estimate

Moving estimates vary by company but should include a detailed list of what the company is providing for the price.

Know the type of estimate you’re receiving (binding, non-binding, binding not-to-exceed). Then, make sure your quote includes these essential moving costs:

-Estimated weight of shipment

-Miles travelled from origin to final destination

-Loading and unloading

-Transportation costs

-Fuel surcharge

-Moving insurance surcharge

-Any extra services you may need, like packing, warehousing, or storage

How to Find the Right Long Distance Moving Company For You

When choosing your moving partner, it’s important to do some research and look at customer reviews. Search long distance moving companies’ reviews. Choose at least three companies to investigate so that you have some points for comparison.

Start by checking the most important thing: the safety record. All interstate and long distance movers have to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

You can check company safety records on their website. Also, check your mover’s customer service. Read moving company reviews on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. Often, companies that have been around in the moving industry for awhile should have more trustworthy and good reviews.

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