Small Shipments

Two young workers standing in front of moving van with boxes

Nelson Westerberg offers specialized transportation of small shipments with our popular small moves service. Unlike some long-distance moving companies, we are experts at moving small loads across the country. No item is too small for our professional, passionate team of corporate movers.

What are Small Load Moves?

Sometimes, you might need to transport a few small belongings to your new office location. While some small moving companies might require minimum weight before they transport your goods, we will move your small shipment with care. You can just use our small load service or bundle it with another one of our moving services, such as storage and warehousing.

In our industry, most moving companies consider small shipment relocations as moves with items that weigh under 5,000lbs.

How Do We Calculate Your Shipping Weight?

We base the cost of your mini-load on various factors, such as the total number of items and total shipping weight. However, we use a simplified rate structure and always offer value for money. Our small shipment service will save you more money in the long run, too, especially when other companies might charge you for a full move, even if you only have a few small items.

One of our friendly team will calculate your shipping weight by visiting your office location and provide you with an estimate. Contact us right now to find out more.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’re not the only long-distance moving company that carries out small shipment moves, but with more than 110 years experience and over 200 clients, we will provide you with customer service like none other. We base our success on accountability and diversity. We are safe, secure, and compliant, which helps us eliminate risk.

We understand that times are changing, and shipments are getting smaller. More people are renting than ever before, and these people tend to have fewer items than homeowners. The same principle goes for companies in various verticals. Nearly half of all corporate moves are small.

Nelson Westerberg Time Critical combines expertise, innovation, and technology to revolutionize the moving process for thousands of people across the United States and Canada. We collaborate with our customers, and our supply chain management strategy makes our small moving jobs easier and more cost-effective.