Storage & Warehousing

Overhead view of storage and warehouse facility

Sometimes, long-distance moving doesn’t always go as planned. You might be waiting for your new business premises to be built. Or discover that there’s not enough space to keep to all your items in your new office. This is where our professional long-distance warehouse storage service proves useful. Our moving and storage service lets you store your belongings for as long as you like.

Why Should You Choose This Nationwide Moving and Storage Company?

As one of the best long-distance moving companies, with more than 110 years experience, we have access to more than 400 storage locations in the United States and Canada through our trusted and long-term partnerships.  And we also have our five owned-and-operated facilities in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Our qualified, friendly team of professional van operators — who stay with us, on, average, for 15 years — will take care of all your storage needs, from transporting your belongings in moving storage containers to personalized storage solutions tailored to the needs of your business and employees. This is just one of the reasons why some of our clients have worked with us for 45 years.

The Benefits of Personalized Storage for Your Long-Distance Move

Not all warehouse moving companies are the same. We do things differently with our personalized corporate warehouse and storage solutions. Our trained long-distance movers will arrange for you to store your belongings anywhere in North America through our extensive partner network. We will also choose the right equipment, such as moving containers and storage boxes.

Moving temporarily, like for a military move? Our military move specialists provide quality-assurance monitoring, advanced protection, and storage solutions. So you can rest assured that your precious things stay safe while you are gone.


Our Facilities

Our long-term and short-term storage experts will find the right facility for your corporate and home moving needs. With locations in California, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey as well as a nationwide network, we have access to storage facilities pretty much everywhere. All of our partners have warehouses with secure climate-controlled units, which keep your valuables in pristine condition, even in the most extreme weather. Plus, you can choose a facility with the latest security features (alarm systems, gated access, CCTV, etc.), which prevents intruders from stealing from your belongings and provides you with peace of mind. You can also pick a unit that’s not open to the general public, which will allow you with a safe, private space to keep your valuables.

Our long-distance storage and warehousing specialists will place all of your items in containers and handle your items with care. We also provide rack storage.