Long Distance Movers

Written By

Machaela Casey

The best long distance movers have the logistical connections to get your items where they need to go. Nelson Westerberg offers a few different options for moves of this nature.

The Most Affordable Movers

To get the most affordable rate, your items will be prepared with other shipments going in the same direction. They will then be transferred at strategic stopping points to go to your final destination. This helps save money by keeping trucks fully loaded. However, this is not the fastest option, but it is still pretty quick. We always provide our customers with a contact person for the job. That means you can track your shipment no matter where it is.

Expedited Movers And Packers

Another option is our expedited service. With this option, depending on how quickly you need your belongings, they may go on a truck that is less than full. This service is known as “less than truckload” shipping or LTL. It costs more because we are not optimizing the space or the route. Additionally, we often use two drivers for expedited shipments. That way, one driver can rest while the other drives, minimizing the need for rest breaks and overnight stops.

Full-Service Cross Country Movers

A cross country move is a lot to think about. If you let us handle everything, we can pack and unpack for you in addition to getting your belongings into your new home. You will have less to worry about and will be able to focus on things like getting back to work in a timely manner, getting the kids set up at their new school, and making sure all the details of your move are taken care of. This is a premium service and does generally cost more than moving services alone. However, for those who need it, it is more than worth it to have less on their plate during a move.

Long Distance Furniture Movers

Even if you just need to move a few items, we can help. We have over 100 years of experience with moving, shipping, and logistics. That includes small loads, large loads, and moves over both long and short distances. We handle it all and we have the testimonials and reviews to prove that our clients have been happy with our offerings. Contact us now to set up your next move!