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Machaela Casey
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Your Dallas Moving Partner

If you’re considering moving to Dallas, Texas, look no further. At Nelson Westerberg, we’ve moved people to cities all around the United States. We know big cities, and we know big city moves. As an experienced nationwide mover, we understand why people relocate to Dallas, and we can help you get there.

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Why Dallas? Good Quality of Life and Strong Job Market

There are several positives to living in Dallas, Texas. For example:

-No local or state income taxes: That’s right. Living in Dallas means that you’ll have extra dollars in your pocket all year long.

-A lower cost of living: Living in a city is almost always more expensive than living in a rural area. However, all cities are not equally affordable. As the ninth largest city in the United States, Dallas offers similar amenities as other large US cities. However, the cost of living is lower in Dallas than in other major metropolitan areas across certain categories.

-Booming business: Downtown Dallas is a hub for Fortune 500 companies. Industry leaders in finance, oil, tech, and transportation all make their home here. Companies like American Airlines, ExxonnMobil, and AT&T are all headquartered in Dallas. In addition, job growth is on the rise, and the city is identified as one of the best large cities to start a business.

-Convenient public transportation: It’s not a secret that driving in Dallas can be a headache. However, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail system is one of the largest in the United States. The DART works to bring commuters downtown from over 20 different stations.

– Quality BBQ: Living in Dallas means easy access to fantastic BBQ. While all smoked meats are appreciated, the beef brisket here is considered a specialty. No matter what neighborhood you choose, you are sure to find a great BBQ restaurant.

Dallas Neighborhoods: Something for Everyone

– When investigating Dallas neighborhoods, know that the city offers many options, depending on your interests and needs. From homes located near green spaces to condos situated near city center, Dallas has it all.

The Lake Highlands neighborhood in northeast Dallas is a popular option for young families. Known for its proximity to White Rock Lake, this neighborhood offers affordable homes, great schools, and a suburban feel.

However, if you’re interested in a more urban environment, check out Uptown. This neighborhood, immediately north of downtown, offers luxury condos and townhomes near lively bars and bistros. This neighborhood also provides easy access to the Katy Trail, a popular jogging and cycling path.

Finally, for a neighborhood with close proximity to diverse restaurant options and a thriving art scene, check out the Bishop Arts District. This neighborhood is located10 minutes south of downtown, and is one of Dallas’ most eclectic, charming areas.

Choosing the Right Dallas Moving Company

Living in Dallas, TX sounds pretty great. Now, you just need to get there. As a top nationwide mover, we’re also recognized as a premium Dallas moving company.

If you’re moving to or from Dallas, we’ve got the equipment and the Dallas movers to do the job right. Plus, we offer local, intrastate, long-distance, and even international relocation services.

In our over 100 years of businesses, we’ve conducted residential and commercial moves. We’ve moved people down the street and around the globe. No matter the type of move, we can do the job right.

Start with Great Customer Service

When you contact us, we’ll start with some basic questions, like when you’re moving and where. Next, we’ll ask for video footage of your space or schedule an in-person visit to view your cargo. Then, we’ll inquire about any extra services you may need. Finally, we’ll have the information we need to provide you with a free, customized quote.

Add Professional Movers

Your stress-free moving experience will continue with an experienced moving crew. Safety matters to us. Our company is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Check our ratings on their website. You’ll see that we regularly earn high marks for both safety and performance.

Packing and Storage for your Dallas Move

At Nelson Westerberg, we offer a range of full-service moving options for your Dallas area move. We know that getting there can be stressful, so we offer a full range of moving services to make your life easier. Some of our most popular services include:

-Packing and Unpacking: A team of moving professionals will arrive at your address, armed with all of the materials needed to do the job right. Then, they’ll move through your space, room by room, carefully packing all items for transit, even disassembling furniture.

Upon arrival at your destination, they will unpack all of your items and re-assemble furniture. They’ll even hang pictures on the wall. All items will be put away according to your directions. Then, when they’re finished, they’ll haul away the trash.

-Storage and Warehousing: As part of a home move or a business relocation, you may need a secure space to store your cargo for a few weeks or even several months. We also offer a network of storage and warehousing facilities throughout the U.S.

For example, maybe you need a small, climate-controlled unit to keep documents safe. Or, you need a large, secure facility to house unused  equipment or vehicles. No matter the need, we will provide the safe space for your items.

Special Shipping Services

When you’re moving, you often need to meet a strict timeline. That’s why we offer select services to help you move your cargo more quickly and more efficiently. To help keep your life running smoothly, we offer:

-Expedited Shipping: Need something fast? Don’t have time to wait for traditional shipping methods? No problem. With our expedited shipping services, you’ll get your cargo there quicker than with traditional ground shipping services. And, we’ll always use the latest technologies to track your packages to ensure they arrive safely.

-Small Shipment Service: Sometimes, a move to a big city might require additional small shipments. If you’re relocating your business, you might have extra cargo coming in from other parts of the country. Or, if you’re moving a residence, you might want to ship antiques separately. No problem. Our team will come to your space and evaluate your needs. We can expertly pack your small shipment (anything under 5,000 pounds) with care, and unpack it upon arrival at your destination.

Dallas Moving: Pick the Professionals

You’re done wondering “is Dallas a good place to live?” You know it is, and you’re ready to make it your home. Whether you’re moving from a different US city or a far-away country, we can help you get there. As moving professionals, we know the tips and tricks to move you a great distance at a good price.

So, when you’re dreaming about life in Dallas, give us a call. We know Dallas moving and we’ll get you the right services to best meet your needs. At Nelson Westerberg, we are prepared to make your Dallas dream a reality.