What Is Long Distance Moving

Written By

Machaela Casey

Answer: Long distance moving mainly refers to moves that take place over at least 150 miles. Long distance and short distance moving have many similarities but the ones that take place over more terrain do have their own specific challenges. Items need to be carefully packed to withstand bumpy roads and fast highway speeds. There are also specific regulations for moving goods across state lines in some cases. Luckily, we are well equipped to deal with these. As certified ProMovers, our teams can tackle anything.

Interstate Policies

Interstate moves, or moves between different states, often require the moving company you work with to have the proper certifications and insurance for this type of transport. We have everything you need covered. As one of the top choices for moving, we are always on top of any type of logistics and paperwork needed to make your move a success. It’s what we do.

Which Long Distance Moving Service Do You Need?

When it comes to the best long distance moving services, you often have your choice of the type of service you want. You can choose to have the moving company take care of everything or you can do most of the move yourself and just have them do the heavy lifting. Expedited service is one of our most popular offerings. This gets your goods there even faster than our usual service and puts your move on the top of our list of priorities.

On the opposite end of that, one of our most affordable long distance moving services is our flexible value option. Selecting this means that you don’t mind if your move takes a little longer. If you are more flexible, going this route can help you save on moving costs.

Additionally, you can book a full moving packing complete with packing, and unpacking, or you can book a la carte services as needed. However, most of our clients find that the point of booking a full service long distance moving company is to have someone else handle most of the details, so they don’t have to stress.

Our Tip: Plan Ahead

You do not want to be caught in the lurch right before a long distance move. Make sure to plan your big move a few months in advance to ensure you get the moving team and services that you want. Doing this will give you the peace of mind that your move will get done when you need it.

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